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PostSubject: Adrubael Vect Sendoff   Adrubael Vect Sendoff I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 28 2014, 23:52

This will be my first battle report and I wasn't planning on doing this or I would have made more notes and taken more pictures. This was a game to document my first and last attempt at using Asdrubael Vect in a list against a chaos army before the new codex drops.

Pre-game info: I fielded 4 haywire wych squads (2 in raiders, 2 in venoms), Asdrubael with a full court, archon, and haemonculus in the dais, incubi unit with hameonculus in a venom, and 4 grotesques with a haemonculus in a raider)

Opponent had a vindicator, landraider full of khorne berserkers, helbrute and 2 cultists formation, 2 maulerfiends, marine squad in a rhino, and a kitted out khorne lord on a juggernaught with a couple spawn.

I failed to seize so chaos got first turn, but since I deployed second I was able to focus deployment far away from the lord and maulerfiends and work on half his army for the first two turns. Game type and everything was randomly determined, we got emperor's will and dawn of war deployment.

Turn 1 CSM: Chaos player moved forward but I cautiously stayed out of range of most threats like the maulerfiends and vindicator so he couldn't do much. He did force a jink on two of my raiders, but that was all.

Turn 1 DE: I rushed forward and unloaded two wych squads. I got a crew shaken result on the vindicator (despite daemonic possession) and focused the rest of my lances and thrown haywires at a rhino but only got two of the hullpoints off leaving my venoms to have to thin down the cultists instead of firing into the marines. The only pic I have is from right before I shot into the cultists. I then assaulted and finished the rhino easily.

Adrubael Vect Sendoff 2014-011

Turn 2 CSM: One heldrake came in and roasted all but 2 of the wyches in the two raiders that are huddled far too close together (this was when I found out there were a pair of heldrakes coming). And the marines who also apparently had a flamer roasted a 3rd wych squad. The helbrute made a very long charge and crushed one venom and the khorne lord with spawn also made a long charge and killed my 4th wych squad off. Khorne berserkers disembarked from the raider and took out a venom as well. Two rolls of 12 for charges did not make me happy, but at least he failed the 12 inch charge with the maulerfiends. Guess I'll just start setting out 13 inches away to be safe.

Turn 2 DE: I unloaded the dais and split asdrubael and my archon off along with the 2 surviving wyches from the raiders to throw haywire grenades at the helbrute and then charge in to finish it off. My grotesque unloaded from another raider and easily destroyed the vindicator. 6 lance shots at the land raider did do not a single point of damage but my venoms killed both spawn and put 2 wounds on the khone lord. My court of the archon assaulted his berserkers and did lots of wounds but he only failed 4ish of them.

Turn 3 CSM: I lost the dais to the land raider's shooting and 2 venoms to marine shooting and another long charge from a maulerfiend this time. The 2nd heldrake also showed up and asdrubael failed his first shadow field save leading to his death and the deaths of the remaining wyches and the archon. He also added a cultist squad to the assault with my court and his berserkers.

Turn 3 DE: I finally managed one hullpoint on the landraider, but at this point most of my anti-armor is gone so I'm just going to start ignoring it. My grotesques assaulted and killed his maulerfiend while my court worked on finishing up the khorne berserkers. My venoms finished off his khorne lord.

Turn 4 CSM: He destroyed my last raider and took me down to one last venom with only a couple incubi remaining inside (thanks baleflamer). The other heldrake (which had to hover to do so) and marines unit shot everything they had at the grotesque and assaulted them but only caused 2 or 3 wounds total spread out so I didn't even lose a model, I broke them but they got away. My court finished the last of the berserkers and his remaining maulerfiend was the one that killed one of my venoms.

Turn 5 DE: My court finished off most of his cultists in the assault and my grotesque assaulted and killed the heldrake while my remaining incubi assaulted the other one but did no damage at all.

Turn 5 CSM: He set his maulerfiend on the objective in my deployment and his heldrake took out most of my incubi. His marines rallied but did no damage. My court finished off his cultist unit in the assault.

Turn 6 DE: My court got close enough to hold his objective after finishing off the cultists huddled around it. My grotesque assaulted and killed the 2nd maulerfiend to reclaim my objective. My opponent then conceded because he couldn't contest or claim either of the two objectives.

Comments: I hate that I wanted to see what Asdrubael Vect could do and he literally did nothing this game, nor did the dais. The grotesque were phenomenal though and I definitely want to try them again. The court was kind of just annoying to use having so many different stats in a single unit for resolving combat. It was just a fun, friendly game though. I think my opponent only put his heldrakes into hover a couple times because he felt bad about the things they were doing to me and my lack of answers for them. I usually run a very different list from this, so I didn't feel as comfortable with what to put where tactically, but I didn't pass up the opportunity to get some revenge on one heldrake at least.
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PostSubject: Re: Adrubael Vect Sendoff   Adrubael Vect Sendoff I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 29 2014, 00:49

Sounds like you need a re-do! Poor Vect.
Not As Planned Sad

Dark Angels. The Rock. Lion El "Dwayne" Jonson. I can't be the first person to have thought of this.
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Adrubael Vect Sendoff
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