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 Battle with the Blood Angels

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PostSubject: Battle with the Blood Angels   Battle with the Blood Angels I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 27 2014, 17:37

Playing a 1250 point game with my friend who is bringing his Blood Angels. We are going in blind so we don't know the others list.

Here's my Army:

HQ: Haemonculus Anicent w/ mind phase gauntlet, crucible of Malediction and Orb of Despair (will be in Raider with the Wracks)

ELITES: Wracks x 9 w/ 1 Liquifier gun, Acothyst(w/ flesh gauntlet)

Kabalite Trueborn X 10: 1 Splinter Cannon and 1 Dark Lance (riding in Raider)

TROOPS: Two squads of 10 Kabalite Warriors both with one splinter cannon. Both have a raider.

Wyches x 11 w/ 1 hydra gaunlet

HEAVY SUPPORT: Talos Pain Engine w/ inchor injector, additional close combat weapon, and Twin linked heat Lance(I may regret it if he goes heavy on the infantry)

The Raider for the Kabalite Trueborn and the Haemonculus/Wracks both of disintegrator cannons, enhanced aethersails, retrofire jets(i couldn't decide if I will deep strike or not, I think I'm going to), Slinter racks, night shields, and a flicker field.

The other two raiders for the Kabalite Warriors have Dark lances, Slinter racks, night shields, and a flicker field.

Again, I'm not sure what he's bringing which is why I took a lot of the things I did, I figured having four raiders running around, two of which have Kabalite Warriors for infantry and the raider with the Trueborn can take out the armor if he brings it. And the other can bring in the Wracks with a Haemonculus Ancient to boost them with an extra pain token from the start. He'll be overwhelmed. Talos can kill anything that comes his way. I'm footslogging the wyches with Talos so whoever gets in melee first, the other can jump in for double the hurt. And because I don't enough raiders to put the wyches in one as well. I'll take notes, I would take a video but my camera sucks. Wish me luck!

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PostSubject: Re: Battle with the Blood Angels   Battle with the Blood Angels I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 27 2014, 17:57

Good luck, remember to hug cover, watch out for flamers and gang up on isolated units until they're brown bread. Blood Angels like to deepstrike then sit there for a turn so pummel them while you can!
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Battle with the Blood Angels
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