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 Bringing Darkness to the OilSands

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Bringing Darkness to the OilSands Empty
PostSubject: Bringing Darkness to the OilSands   Bringing Darkness to the OilSands I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 10 2014, 04:11

Hello all! My Names Josh

I'm located in Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada, and currently one of 3 Dark Eldar players in our area. That being said, all 3 of us are relatively new to the army. One of us is mostly a collector, one new to wargames, and I've been playing for a little over a year.

I participate in our LGS's tournaments consistently coming in second or most recently tied for first with a Sisters of Battle player (some may scoff, but hey, I've never even seen sisters prior to that.) So I like to think in my short time playing this game I've grown quite good at it in my locale area (I struggle with any space marines with Storm Ravens, but rarely play Spacemarines)

I have a few armies, my first Army being Tau, all 10k of it. every year my local shop owner holds a VERY large apoc game with about 30 players, each bringing anywhere from 10-30k of whatever they have. I participated last yearn early tabling 15k of space wolves (he had been set up beside a 5k nids army to help balance that table, but I took the majority of his shooting) but with my 100 kroot, and large crisis drop army I successfully dropped the Space wolves like the dogs they are. my other armies include 1k Black Templars, 1k Tempestus Scions, and about 2k Dark Eldar.

I've come to realize that the Dark Eldar are my favourite army, and that much better fit my preferred play style and am dedicated to playing them in next years apoc game at 10 thousand points, and being the first player in the events 4 years to play Dark Eldar, and remind them, what it truly means to be afraid of the Dark.

Right now I'm currently in the process of writing my 10k list which I will post in the lists section when I finish it. Then my goal is to build and paint it all for Easter of next year. Cost isn't much a worry I've got nothing else to do anyways. The army will consist of mostly Kabalites, as it's meant to be a Kabal, there will be a sizeable portion of wyches as the army will be built using the Apoc formations for the most synergy as possible. I will only use a few of the coven units, as I don't really like the strange T4 6+ save units.

So there it is, my background, my goals, and my future conquest  Twisted Evil 

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PostSubject: Re: Bringing Darkness to the OilSands   Bringing Darkness to the OilSands I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 10 2014, 07:17

Welcome to Commorragh pal

"Cruel fantasies of someone's dreams...that's what we are; They call us forgotten tears 'cause no eyes cried for our griefs"
Synthoras, Archon of the Forgotten Tears
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Bringing Darkness to the OilSands
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