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 Reavers... Clarify please!

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High Archon Kraillach
High Archon Kraillach

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PostSubject: Reavers... Clarify please!   Reavers... Clarify please! I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 29 2014, 09:41

Hi Guys

Hate to be this guy, but you've probably seen this everywhere. How the hell do these guys do bladevanes now? I've only got limited access to the rulebook as I don't own one, but I've been scouring the web to try find how far these guys can move, what phases they move X inches etc. So if someone could literally say like: Movement phase, up to 12/18/24/900 inches, Assault: 2d6+74inches or whatever I would be very grateful. Been getting in too many issues with people I have played over what the FAQ says and what the rulebook says...
Would appreciate the responses a lot.

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Count Adhemar
Dark Lord of Granbretan
Count Adhemar

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PostSubject: Re: Reavers... Clarify please!   Reavers... Clarify please! I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 29 2014, 09:57

I'm going to lock this thread. All the rules you need are found within the codex and/or rulebook, both of which are considered essential to play this game. Whilst we are happy to answer rules queries, we are not a replacement for a rulebook and we do not provide free access to rules in order to prevent you having to purchase them - Count Adhemar

Reavers... Clarify please! YhBv3Wk
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Reavers... Clarify please!
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