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 Project: Freakshow

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PostSubject: Project: Freakshow   Project: Freakshow I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 28 2014, 13:38

Gooooood afternoon and welcome to my Plog, I'm your host, TopHat, and I hope you enjoy the show.

So, recently I found and joined this forum thanks to the impressive talents of one Spellcheck. I've recently gone back to DE after a long break from 40k and a dalliance with Lhamian vampires, and have decided to go a slightly different direction to what I originally planned.

I have a fascination with Haemonculi, everyone's favourite twisted fleshcrafters, they, for me, are what really set the Dark Eldar apart. I've also liked the idea of Harlequins for a long time, and this place has given me just the inspiration I needed to start work on some.

So, here's the overall plan. 2 lists, one Haemonculi coven and one Harlequinade Macabre, with some crossover and plenty of freaks in both of them, the former centred around hitting like a freight train and the latter focused on whizzing around the battlefield and knifing people in the spleen (or alien equivalent thereof). There will be some visual crossing-over (Harlequin freaks and fabulous coven warriors).

And now onto what you've been waiting for, pictures.
I've been known as an 'insane converter' at both of the stores where I've made my base of operations over the course of my time in this hobby, and you'll (hopefully) see why soon.
I have a bad habit of starting with HQ centerpiece models, as it gives me an idea for the overall aesthetic of an army, so, without further ado: The Archon Troupe Leader, and The Haemonculus Ancient.

Archon Irina
Project: Freakshow Img_1011
Project: Freakshow Img_1012
The observant will have seen an unpainted version of her in my self-introduction thread, here she is at about 90% completion, just a few little details to deal with.
The Harlequin force will be following her lead, lots of purple metallics and purple and red fabrics, I'm considering gloss-varnishing her tights to make them look latex

Maeve, Haemonculus Ancient
Project: Freakshow Img_1013
Project: Freakshow Img_1014
This fine lady was made during my last round of interest in DE, and I'm quite proud of her. I'm considering having the blue-skin effect on all of her creations. Again, the Coven army will be following the golden-metallic look.

So, let me know what you all think, and more to come

Life's a game! I'm going to play with yours.
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PostSubject: Re: Project: Freakshow   Project: Freakshow I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 28 2014, 14:05

These are sick! Great conversions and work! Maeve is my favorite! I love your purple  Embarassed 
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PostSubject: Re: Project: Freakshow   Project: Freakshow I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 28 2014, 14:47

Great stuff tophat! Loving the purple & silver colour of the armour. The medusae model is great and I have been thinking of doing a similar thing for my sllyth conversion. Def looking forward to some coven/harlie bizarre conversions. Will be an awesome mix Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Project: Freakshow   Project: Freakshow I_icon_minitime

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Project: Freakshow
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