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 Experimental Hellrain Competitive CW Eldar list - 1850

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Experimental Hellrain Competitive CW Eldar list - 1850 Empty
PostSubject: Experimental Hellrain Competitive CW Eldar list - 1850   Experimental Hellrain Competitive CW Eldar list - 1850 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 24 2014, 01:45

This is 3 Combined Arms Detachments of Craftworld Eldar:

Autarch (Mantle, Laser Lance, Banshee Mask, Fusion Gun, Jetbike) 150
Farseer w/ Jetbike 115
Farseer w/ Jetbike 115
6x 3-man WJB squads w/cannons 366
2x Crimson Hunter Exarchs w/Marksman's eye 380
8x 3-platform shadow weavers 720

Total: 1846

I built this list to exploit the fact that I think shadow weavers are probably the most underpriced unit in the eldar codex. With 48" of range, you could place a line of them down an entire long table edge and pretty much be able to cover the entire table in monofilament threat. With each one of them firing S6 blast templates, the sheer volume of templates you can pump out far outweighs the drawback of them being AP6. Furthermore, all to-wound rolls of 6 resolve at AP1. While this isn't such a big deal when you're firing off 3 of them per turn, it certainly makes a difference when you're firing off 24 S6 blast templates with barrage.

2 Crimson hunter exarchs should be more than enough firepower to take down enemy air, an the autarch ensures they arrive. Everything in the army has S6 firepower for light vehicles, while the laughtarch and the crimson hunters will be used to crack open tough vehicles. And with 24 48" range blast templates, hordes should never be an issue.

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Experimental Hellrain Competitive CW Eldar list - 1850
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