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 2000 Shooting DE for Tourney

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PostSubject: 2000 Shooting DE for Tourney   2000 Shooting DE for Tourney I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 13 2014, 17:44

Hi all DE warlords.
Though Warhammer is not well-known in my country (there is ONLY ONE GW shop!), my friends managed to make a 2000-pt tourney next weekend. I guess I would be the only DE player in this tourney - everybody else loves the Imperium  Crying or Very sad So I need help from DE warlords overseas.

Here's my list:

- Duke
- Haemy /w Venom Blade
- Spiritseer

- One unit of 4 blasterborns
- Two units of 3 trueborns (2SC & 1 rifle)
* They take a venom with FF, SC, and grisly trophies

- Two units of 10 Warriors (9 rifles & 1SC)
* Both take a raider with FF, DL, grisly trophies, and splinter rack
- One unit of 10 Wracks (2LG)
* with a raider with DC - it's for Wraithguards
- One unit of 5 Wraithguards with d-scythe

- Two Ravagers with FF, DL, NS
- One Voidraven Bomber with FF, lance, mine, and 3 misslies

- Aegis defense line with the quad-gun

It's exactly 2000. For my friends, flyers are like a 'essential' these days so I added one quad-gun. The follows are my (potential) tactics.

- Turn 1, Duke gives the serpent's venom (+3 poison) to one of warriors and then controls the quad-gun with one objective.
- Turn 1, the wracks join Duke (for sharing PT & FNP) and defend the quad-gun.
- Turn 1, the wraithguards embark on the wracks' raider. They will flame the enemy in the raider - I'm expecting that their high T and Fearless can ignore the effect of raider's explosion.

- AA: Duke with the quad-gun
- AI: 2 cannonborn squads, 2 warrior squads, wraithguard squad
- AT: blasterborn squad, 2 ravagers
- The bomber will change its role depending on the situation

- Not sure how to deploy&utilize the haemy and spiritseer
- Not sure of changing d-scythe into the wraithcannon for more AT

I strongly need your advice for beating Imperium armies in this barren land of Warhammer!

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PostSubject: Re: 2000 Shooting DE for Tourney   2000 Shooting DE for Tourney I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 13 2014, 22:55

I would rejig the list to be more MSU instead of full units. This also limits the effectiveness of units like flyers making defense less obligatory. Bring enough raiders to fit the scytheguard + a backup ride. Give em both disi's. If they dont wreck it they can flyby template. Maybe one more raider with splinter wracks for the duke to buff and potentially DS with. Then I would suggest the rest be venoms.

Spiritseer should probably be iyanden to give the scytheguard battle focus making them hard to get away from. I say keep the scythes btw their far more destructive and still wreck vehicles.

I would also suggest some haywire units, either wyches or else HWGs on the trueborn which is something ive been doing recently. Pretty cheap upgrade as a fallback plan against hard nuts or just mech spam.

The quad gun dies rather easily and I imagine your opponents will kill it before the unit manning it so I would just put a bare bones unit of something on it. That way your not stuck with a huge point sink behind a fence.

I would lose the FF/NS personally. Jink is plenty and imperium AT is pretty long ranged.

The marine armies I face now are heavily based around mechanized combat squad marines or bikes. Add a smattering of storm ravens, TFCs, LotD to taste. Always an eternal bike master sometimes tigurius. Id prepare to face potential scouting marine hordes. If IG its again going to be mech but with blobs. These are actually more static but more armour more firepower. Against either I would want MSU strategy to play for the mission and limit the cost of losses.
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PostSubject: Re: 2000 Shooting DE for Tourney   2000 Shooting DE for Tourney I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 14 2014, 12:58

Agree with the above and would like to see a Venom for the Trueborn Blaster squad. They need to be more mobile in killing advancing enemy transports

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PostSubject: Re: 2000 Shooting DE for Tourney   2000 Shooting DE for Tourney I_icon_minitime

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2000 Shooting DE for Tourney
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