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 500 pts all around list

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500 pts all around list  Empty
PostSubject: 500 pts all around list    500 pts all around list  I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 12 2014, 09:20

Hello everyone I am participating on an escalation league tomorrow starting at 500 pts with 2+ saves, 12 armor, monstrous creatures and flyers banned  also 1 hq 2 troops are compulsory id like some opinions on my list
As it stands I have

Gostplate armor, venom blade, clone field

5 warriors
Venom splinter canon

9 wyches
Haywire grenades
Raider flickerfield

4 reaver jetbikes
Cluster caltrops, heat lance

The archon would be joining the wyches soaking up some wounds if I find myself footslogging to early the reavers will do what reavers do running around all over the place bladevaning providing anti-tank only when needed (also they are largely feared in my local meta as they have won me several games and I believe they will be a primary target for a lot of my opponents) and the venom well I am pretty sure that needs no explaining
Any suggestions or play style tips are greatly appreciated but my main concern is that I might be forced to drop 3 points as I am over the limit as it stands I will probably ditch the venom blade but I am open to a hamy suggestion even though I am concerned about his survivability
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500 pts all around list  Empty
PostSubject: Re: 500 pts all around list    500 pts all around list  I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 12 2014, 22:18

Based on the rules in that league, it takes away one of the major draws of an archon(2+ invuln). That being the case:

I'd swap out the archon for a Liquifier Haemy(60 pts), then upgrade one of your wyches to a Hekatrix with a power weapon and phantasm grenade launcher(30 pts).

The Hekatrix will be your killy model instead of the archon, and will have AP3 in CC at the expense of the poisoned AP- weapon. The idea would be to start the Haemy off with the wyches, but when the wyches disembark, they take the pain token with them and the Haemy sticks with the raider.

So your raider will have a passenger able to fire off a liquifier gun, and your unit of wyches will have FNP, defensive grenades, and a Hekatrix w/ power weapon leading them. FYI, defensive grenades now blind your opponent on a failed initiative test, lowering their WS and BS to 1. Wouldn't hurt to toss one at a unit you intend to charge. If it succeeds, it'll likely double the amount of hits your wyches and Hekatrix score.

This loadout makes your list come in at 496 points, and I think the FNP on the wyches makes up for the loss of the CC only clone field.

As for your Haemy's surviveability, I'd just try to keep him hidden away in the raider, and hope they don't blow it up. Be captain jinkalot, and use your cover. The raider can jink, then the passenger can still fire at full ballistic skill with the current ruleset.

EDIT: If you just happen to roll an additional pain token for your combat drugs, I'd just keep the Haemy with the wyches and give up fleet. Can always accept challenges with your Hekatrix, and utilize "Look out, Sir!" to keep the Haemy safe from hits. The additional pain token for your wyches will be worth the additional risk.
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500 pts all around list
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