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 My first game of 7th... Versus Eldar

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My first game of 7th... Versus Eldar Empty
PostSubject: My first game of 7th... Versus Eldar   My first game of 7th... Versus Eldar I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 06 2014, 20:00

So I finally got to play a 7th edition game. I wanted to flesh out how a tournament level but not over the top pure DE list would fare.
I heard of a league starting, and it was 1850, 7th edition.

My list:

Arcon/ husk/ trap/ hay/ drugs/ PGL/ SF
9 incubi w/ klaivex/ onslaught
1 raider w/ sails

4 masters, 20 Khymerae

5x 5 wyches in venoms (2 cannons) with haywire

3 ravagers 1 triple disintegrators

Reasons for my list:
In 7th, i have a feeling heavy armor will be king. (and in the league, 6 out of 14 people had AV14 spam, so I may just be right) So i went with Wyches with haywire for guaranteed vehicle kills. The dogs were for crowd control, and the incubi are bait. I threaten with them and make the opponent kill them off while the real threat (wyches and venoms) move in for the kill.

My opponets list:

3x 5 wraithguard in Wave Serpents

3 war walkers w/ scatter/ bright lance
3 war walkers w/ scatter / starcannon
3 war walkers w/ scatter / starcannon

Hemlock fighter

7 warp spiders w/exarch

His reason for his list:
He didn't tell me, i can only assume he was smoking something, as this list is all over the place.

Mission: Kill points primary, Capture and control secondary
Deployment: Hammer and anvil

Rolled a "7" with the baron to go first. he did not seize.

I deployed up as far as i could, knowing that I needed to get my wyches in his deployment zone as fast as possible.
He then deployed up as far as possible as well.  Question 
He then scouted all 3 walker units closer to me. we were now 18" apart before I even went.

DE turn 1. Move up!
All venoms, ravagers , dogs and incubi moved up. Raider sailed an extra 8" and turboed 18 more behind all his units. The bait has been placed!
Shooting and haywire throwing saw 1 unit of walkers lose a model, another 1 hull point (needed 6's to hit with wyches after all!)
Assault saw the dogs charge and wipe his full 3 man walker squadron.

Eldar turn 1 saw some shuffling and then he opened fire.
1 ravager was taken out by the squad of 2 walkers, a venom was taken out by the other walker squad. My raider was dropped by 2 wave serpents, and the last serpent whiffed against the dissie ravager (but i did jink)

DE turn 2.
Sadly, i knew pretty much this was already game. My dogs moved and surrounded a waveserpent that had his warlord. My incubi moved up to another waveserpent. 4 units of wyches got out to charge the remaining walkers and a waveserpent.

Shooting saw the wounded walker squad down to 1 guy, so one of the 2 wych units threatening it threw a grenade at a serpent instead. No jink, hit and glance.
Ravagers took a hull point off the incubi threatened serpent, and the dissie one whiffed.

Assault saw the single walker live by rolling 3 5+! The other walker squadron was wiped. Incubi easily took off the 2 remaining hull points from their serpent, as did the wyches on theirs! The dogs, having surrounded the serpent completely, easily glanced it to death, insta killing the 5 wraithguard and spiritseer inside, garnering 2 pain tokens. (Tactical note here- this will be MUCH easier to do this edition, as we cannot blow up tanks with haywire or non ap2 attacks!)

So... end of this turn saw ll 3 serpents down, only 1 walker remaining and it was in combat with 4 wyches (1 died to overwatch). 2 units of wraithguard were out and pissed off, but at this point, what could he really do?

Eldar turn 2.
He didnt give up! reserves saw the spiders still missing, but his fighter came in. 1 unit of guard shot at my dogs, which saved the shot easily. the other unit killed 4 incubi! Ouch!
His fighter shot the triple D/L ravager, but I jinked (I need 6's anyway to hit the flyer, so why not, right?) and saved the 1 pen he caused.

His charges saw the wraithguard charge my arcon and incubi, and both sides broke out whifflebats and did no damage. (T6 is rough!)

DE turn 3.
What is this? A unit of wraithguard out of its tank? 3 venoms later and they were gone. Both ravagers took off 1 HP from the hemlock.
I did not move my dogs to help the incubi. not sure why. Probably because it did not matter and I knew it.
Combat saw 2 of the 5 wraithguard die to no Incubi.

Eldar turn 3.
Warp spiders drop in behind my triple dissie ravager. Hemlock moves up and vectordances to hit side armor of my ravager. I then told him it was 11 as well, and he just laughed. Ah well...

Shooting saw the hemlock destroy my ravager. Spiders tried to do the same to my dissie ravager but I yelled "Jink" before he even reached for a dice! Amazingly, he hit with 12, but only managed to glance with 3! I jinked them all! wow, that was unexpected!

Hand to hand saw only 1 wraithguard remain in combat with the incubi and arcon.

DE turn 4. Dogs moved to help the incubi kill the last wraithguard.
Venoms moved to intercept spiders and the last embarked wyches jumped out to assault whatever was left after shooting.

Triple dissie ravager managed to hit the hemlock and vectorlock it. Because it was facing the ravager, it would fly off the table at the start of his turn.

Venoms took out all but 1 spider, who was immediately charged by 5 wyches.

At this point, my opponent conceded. He had 1 spider about to be smacked by 5 wyches, 1 wraithguard about to be smacked by incubi, arcon and a pack of dogs, and a hemlock that would fly off on his turn, leaving him with nothing on the table.

Truth be told, the game was over turn 2, but to his credit, my opponent trudged onward.

Interesting fact: 7 vehicles were destroyed that game... 4 DE and 3 Eldar.
Not one explosion. Not a single one.

I think, overall, that wyches will be a better choice this edition. Less shooting, yes, but MUCH MUCH better tank killers, much better in HTH, and their biggest weakness, dying to explosions, has been neutered (not removed but MUCH less likely!)

I will give this list a few more tries and let you all know how it plays.

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My first game of 7th... Versus Eldar Empty
PostSubject: Re: My first game of 7th... Versus Eldar   My first game of 7th... Versus Eldar I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 14 2014, 08:26

Thanks for the batrep!

Interesting choice with the big incubi unit, guess most people would freak out seeing that bunch of ninjas about to hit their lines :-)

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My first game of 7th... Versus Eldar
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