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 Guardian Cup

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PostSubject: Guardian Cup   Guardian Cup I_icon_minitimeSat May 31 2014, 06:14

So the Cup is tomorrow here in Portland OR. We have the guys up from Frontline Gaming, so its gonna be pretty fun. Its a solid meta here, and I am going to try something a bit different but not too far off the beaten track. What started off with DE prim has switched to Eldar (Iyanden) with DE allies. Keep in mind that we are using the BAO format. Basically 2 book missions with one being 4 points, the other 3 and with secondaries a possible 10 points.

So here is what I am rolling with:

Duke Sliscus

Kab w/venom dual SC
Kab w/venom dual SC
DAx5 Serpent (scatter laser)
Wraithguard w/serpent (scatter laser)

Trueborn x7 (3 blasters, 2 SC, and 2 carbines) Raider w/Racks and Shields

Wraithknight w/suncannon and scatter laser
Voidraven w/FF

I will most likely hold the DE off the board, presenting my OPP with four targets. I will most likely DS, but it depends on the usual factors. THere is plenty of guard and tau here that a decent Deep Strike can be pivotal. It gives me at least one round to run my knights up the board (they will most likely have Battle Focus from the Seer). I hope that there is enough of a threat to split targets. IDK, we will see tomorrow.
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PostSubject: Re: Guardian Cup   Guardian Cup I_icon_minitimeSat May 31 2014, 07:09

I don't know E/DE combos enough to say much. One thing I will say is that you've got Splinter Racks on a Raider that has no Splinter Rifles in it. The re-rolls don't work for Cannons or Carbines, unfortunately Sad

Guardian Cup Tdc-li11
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Guardian Cup
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