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 A Decade too late

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PostSubject: A Decade too late   A Decade too late I_icon_minitimeMon May 12 2014, 09:25

A lone warrior clad in dark armor crawled out from under the wreckage of a raider. For 20 years it lay immobile, collecting dust, frozen in time. Signs of a battle fought two decades ago were all around him. Dead, lifeless bodies were strewn across the bay, their flesh preserved as if frozen. The warrior cracked his neck, then took off his helmet and dropped it to the floor. It clanked as it echoed through the bay. Straight black bangs fell concealing his eyes as his long pointed ears protruded out of his hair.

He made his way over rubble and grunted at the soreness of his bones. He felt weak and exhausted, and the thoughts of food dominated his mind. He wanted to lay down but he realized it wasn't the best of ideas. Instead he knelt and tried to collect his thoughts.

"What, happened?" he asked himself. He surveyed the bay once more. He had fought in this battle. He remembered when his ship took a lance hit and went down. He remembers the crash. Then he remembered the gas. The gas, then nothing.

"The gas."

"The gas" a voice said from behind.

"Lokio, I thought you were dead." He turned to see his long time brother who he had fought with for as long as he could remember.

"Not quite, I thought the same for you, Jurn, when your raider went down." He gestured to the wreckage Jurn had crawled out from under. It was lifeless, something that had so much power and strength was now covered in ash and dust. Jurn eyed the dead flopped over the craft. He saw Berjn and Kalis. Kalis was ironically impaled by one of their own spears that had other trophies on it. Berjn had no identifiable cause of death, besides trauma.

"We could bring them back to life," Lokio said as he saw Jurn eyeing his dead brethren.

"No." was all he said then turned back to Lokio.

"Are there any others? Any others awakening?"

"Well I found HER" Lokio putting the emphasis on HER.

"Her?" Jurn's face looked confused at first then he understood what he meant. The bitch they once served. The one who got them into this mess, this massive firefight. She tried to ditch them, to leave them as they fought on. She set the entire fight up for a place at Vect's side. To destroy both Kabals. She killed Berjn and Kalis and the others.

Jurn bit one of his lip rings as if deep in thought. Then he bit harder and harder until he started to bleed. The black blood dripping onto the metallic floor reminding him he was a clone. He looked up at Lokio who was handing him one of his knives.

Jurn took the blade and stood up.

"Is SHE alive though?" he asked truely concerned.

Lokio shrugged, his bald head and sunken eyes his prominent features.

"She was the only reason I lived." Jurn said, "I was with her from the beginning."

"I know Jurn. Come." Lokio gestured with his bald head, the two walked with fire in their hearts and eyes.

They made their way to what looked like a cliff face but made of the bay's metallic floor. The floor literally looked like an earthquake broke apart the two. The sheer size of it was spectacular. Lokio knotted a rope that was hanging off the ledge into his belt. he turned then jumped off backwards, controlling himself with the rope. He controlled his descent until he reached the bottom the unclipped himself and turned around.

Jurn clipped himself in and made his way down, fast. He hit the ground with a thud but did not fall to the floor. He looked up at the top.

"You climbed up that?" Jurn asked.

"Yes." Lokio pointed with his knife behind Jurn.

Jurn turned to see the bitch stuck under a piece of rubble. She was alive but quiet.
"We see you." Lokio said spitefully.

She turned to look at them. Her deep black eyes staring them down as if they were prey. The stare was replied with a kick to her head. It rattled as it smacked the rubble.

"Haha," Lokio laughed then put his blade to her cheek, and sniped it.

Violet blood ran down her cheek.

"You see, her blood is different than ours." Jurn spoke softly.

"Yes. It is." Lokio said making another cut on her other cheek.

"We should make her smile. She isn't smiling like I remember." Lokio said.

Jurn looked at the blade in his hand, then thought of what he lived for.

"Wait Lokio."

Lokio turned with a raised eyebrow, "Wait?"

"She might know where Aerilia is."

There was laughter from the bloodied Archoness. "Aerilia?"

"Yes Aerilia!" Jurn moved to the incapicated Archoness and grabbed her face.
"That slut I frak ten times?" Her voice sounded like needles scraping metal. It was full of nothing but spite and hatred.

Jurn hit her with his gauntlet-ed fist. Again, and again. Until he counted to ten.
"Where is she? Tell me and you die quickly."

"What she's not here?" The Archoness laughed, her entire face covered in violet blood.
Jurn stood up as Lokio took his place and began cutting her face again. Making her smile, permanently.

The Archoness stopped laughing when Lokio started taking her teeth out.

"Let me go and I'll tell you, clone" she managed to get out with the blade in her mouth.

Lokio stood up and looked at Jurn. Jurn walked back over to her and knelt in front of her.
He nodded, "What happened to her?"

"I sold her. To the Cult of Strife. She's to be a Wych. Or at least, training for Wyches." she snickered as blood poured out of her rotten mouth. She reminded him of what he wasn't. Trueborn. He was a clone and he was staring at one of his oppressors. Those who used his kind for their own bidding.

He slammed his blade under her chin and through her skull.

"You're free to go."

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PostSubject: Re: A Decade too late   A Decade too late I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 05 2014, 17:47

just a question but... exactly who is aerillia? and what purpose does she play in this, or is it further in your story that it comes to light?
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A Decade too late
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