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 2000 Point List

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PostSubject: 2000 Point List   2000 Point List I_icon_minitimeSat May 10 2014, 20:41

Recently played a 2k game against a friend who played Grey Knights.  It was quite a close game, but I was wondering if there was anything in my list that should be changed, upgraded, replaced, etc.  I don't have the army book on me, so the points might be a little off.

Archon- huskblade, shadowfield, PGL, soul trap, and ghostplate armour.

2x Haemonculi with liquefier gun

Incubi- 4 incubi in a venom with 2x splinter cannons and night shield

2x Kabalite Warriors- 10 warriors, sybarite, blaster, splinter cannon, mounted in a raider with flickerfield, night shields, and splinter racks

2x Wracks- 9 wracks, acothyst, liquefier gun, mounted in a raider with flickerfield and night shields

Fast Attack
Scourges- 5 scourges, 2 haywire grenades

Reaver- 6 reavers, 2 heat lances

Heavy Support
2x Ravagers- 3 dark lances, flickerfield, and night shields

Razorwing Jetfighter- monoscythe missiles, disintegrator cannons, flickerfield, and night shield

The Scourges have not worked for me, so I`m thinking of scrapping them altogether.  Yes, no, maybe?  Open to all suggestions.  Thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: 2000 Point List   2000 Point List I_icon_minitimeMon May 12 2014, 03:44

Hey there. This seems like a pretty solid list, there are a few things I would change mostly from personal experience. First off, I'd take out the nightshields on everything but the ravagers and possibly the razorwings. I find that to get better use out of my boats I usually take them in closer to get the rapid fire warriors online, and I always launch my close combat squads flat out at their targets making them useless. Basically most of them become obsolete after turn 1.

I also like keeping my Archons lighter on equipment. The Ghostplate is sort of redundant. The reason being that most of the time your opponent will be doubling out your Archon, and you already have the Shadow Field. As for the Huskblade/soultrap fun, I always seem to end up only getting the boost for a turn or 2 and rarely get use it. If anything I'd throw on a venom blade to optimize wound potential against those knights.

I would drop the Scourges or throw on splinter cannons or dark lances for a quick moving MC hunter. Dropping them is the best option, there are cheaper choices for those roles and it gives you more points to play with.

I personally love reavers for their bladevein/caltrops abilities. D3 s4 HITS and d6 s6 HITS is crazy good against any non-vehicles. Plus you get that 4+ jink save and heat lances, I call this having the cake and eating it too Smile. The only downside is they are part of the DE glass cannon, so maybe add 3 more for durability.

Taking out some of those gives you the ability to through in another squad on a venom or raider, and more spinter fire is always a plus against any space marine faction. I personally like going crazy with lances (on my raiders, ravagers, trueborns, and razorwings) to back up all the splinter fire with AP 2, its more of a personal preference.

I hope this help, and best of luck to the glory of your glass cannon.
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2000 Point List
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