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 Narrative Campaign

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PostSubject: Narrative Campaign   Narrative Campaign I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 11 2014, 16:00

This, as you may have guessed from the title, is a narrative campaign involving Space Wolf, Dark Eldar and Zombie Apocalypse (Nurgle) armies. Set on an Imperial hive world the Space wolves have come to aid the defence of the local PDF and Imperial guard. Since this is focused predominately on the narrative we will be using several unique rules throughout and the points for used in many of the battles will not be balanced, though not to the point of absurdity.

The Space Wolf army is limited to a total of 5000pts for the entire duration, when a unit is completely slain it is permanently destroyed and no longer available for the marines. The Dark Eldar and Chaos forces are not limited in such a way. This is to add a sense of desperation to the defence of the world and make strategic retreats a viable option to the Space Wolf player (not that retreat is something the Wolves are likely to enact).

I will be updating this thread with battle reports and narrative extracts as and when they occur. Finally, this campaign is not scripted and the missions will adjust depending on the results of each mission, as the Imperial forces are slowly picked apart or rally together to drive the xenos and other horrors from their world...
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PostSubject: Re: Narrative Campaign   Narrative Campaign I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 12 2014, 21:06

I'm looking forward to following this! My groups working towards something like this as well, we're just at the beginning, so advice on what works and what doesn't would be great, as well as a great story to follow!
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PostSubject: Re: Narrative Campaign   Narrative Campaign I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 13 2014, 13:38

Here's hoping it all works out. Smile I'll probably say if certain things don't work or are difficult to work into the story, my only slight concern is for that the imperial force might get overrun too quickly and only be able to play a few missions.

NARRATIVE: The Backstory.

This story begins with an ambitious archon, Khirareq of The Destroyers. Her kabal's recent raids against the Tau empire have been met with heavy resistance, as the upstart young race has begun to consolidate its worlds on the fringes of the galactic east. Heavy fortifications and tightly bound defences have taken their toll on the raiding parties. Whilst the devastation and suffering inflicted upon the Tau has been considerable it has not been enough to counterbalance the losses the elder have taken, or the woeful intake of slaves in their recent raids.

Potential challengers for Khirareq's title have started to gather within the kabal, the atmosphere is tense inside the fortress and the ever prevalent assassination attempts have increased in frequency, their instigators being swiftly added to the gruesome collection of statues at the foot of the archon's throne. The recent events have drawn many eyes from beyond the spire's walls, old rivals and cunning archons from the lower tiers circle like vultures, paying close attention to Khirareq waiting for her control to slip.

Aware of the many eyes fixed upon her, Khirareq decided to enact a rash gambit, summoning her chief Haemonculus she used the twisted and ancient creature's blasphemous knowledge to engineer a scheme. A plan to bring down an Imperial Hive world, enslave much of its noble houses and thus reassert her grip on the Kabal...

Battle 1: Narrative
With her already weakened kabal there was no chance that Khirareq could lay waste to a hive world, a direct assault would be a moronic and feeble attempt at best and downright suicidal at worst. However with the massive density of the population diseases were already common-place and spread rapidly throughout the lower tiers of the cities. Though the main focus would be the planet's primary hive (Sakry), there was no reason not to inflict as much unnecessary terror and suffering on the lesser race as they desired.

Consulting her chief Haemonculus for some virus or toxin to unleash on the human cattle of the world, Khirareq learns of the Curse of Unbelief and the devastation wrought on Imperial worlds by it. Here was the weapon for her plans, a virulent plague that would sow agony and fear throughout the population. As friends and family would rise from their graves to fight the living, a perfect distraction to weaken the defences and break the resolve of those left alive. After all, why should any of the true heirs of the Eldar race fear to use even the weapons of gods for their desires?

Khirareq then tasks the haemonculus with retrieving as many samples of the plague as possible...

Battle 1: Battle

So this is based on what used to be an Imperial world overrun by the zombie plague (Curse of Unbelief). I stole a fair few ideas from the old DE slave capturing mission, if you were wondering.

DE must steal as many of the 5 objectives as they can and then escape with them. Chaos have to kill as many DE as they can to stop the escaping.  DE all arrive on turn one from a 12" strip on a random board edge, chaos start with a small presence with other units in reserve to arrive as the game continues. Once carrying an objective a unit's speed is not limited but the DE must exit through the point they came on from. Each sample will increase the affliction on the Imperial world, so incentive to grab as much as possible Smile

Goal: Sample collecting.

1. Zombies infestation happens
2. Additional Zombie squads
3. Zombie units have the endless horde rule
4. Additional Zombie squads
5. Vile savants and Daemonic invasion

DE 1000pts ish
Chaos 1250pts

Army lists:

HQ: Hammy Ancient  Liq DG vb 120

Elite: Grot x4 Ab liq                  160
             Raider (dis)                 60

Troops:  Warriors x10 SC           100
         Raider (dis) FF SR             70

           Warriors x10 SC            100
          Raider (dis) SR FF            70

Fast Attack:  Reavers x3 CC         86
                  Reavers x3 CC          86
                  Scourges x5 SCx2   130


On Table:  Plague Zombies x30                 130
               Plague Zombies x10                   50
               Plague Zombies x10                   50
               Plague Zombies x10                   50
               Plague Marines x8 Plasma         207


HQ: Chaos Lord MoN                                                       80
Elites: Terminator x3 Reaper Autocannon      120

Fast Attack: Blightdrones x3                          126
                 Blightdrones x3                       126

Hvy Support: Land Raider Achilles            300

Narrative Campaign City_m14

Deployment: The Chaos deploy 30 zombies to hold objectives 1 and 4, The plague marines stand in the top left corner from where the rest of the chaos reserves would be arriving and each squad of 10 zombies holds 2,3,5. Weird blue bit bit (bottom centre) DE Webway gate.

Turn 1:

Turn 2:

Turn 3:

Turn 4:

Turn 5:


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PostSubject: Re: Narrative Campaign   Narrative Campaign I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 09 2014, 12:02

Oh sweet, Khirareq's that babe from the 3e codex. She was just a hierarch last time we caught up. Good for her.

Great sounding campaign - extra maps on the reports would be brilliant, or maybe just one actual photo of the battlefield? Makes everything much easier to visualise.
For future ref, obviously!!

Dark Angels. The Rock. Lion El "Dwayne" Jonson. I can't be the first person to have thought of this.
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PostSubject: Re: Narrative Campaign   Narrative Campaign I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 09 2014, 15:50

I knew as soon as that Landraider hit the table the DE were going to have to scarper.

Narrative Campaign K93hWhs
Narrative Campaign L1RsnGX
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PostSubject: Re: Narrative Campaign   Narrative Campaign I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 27 2014, 06:42

Oh I hadn't seen I had replys on this xD

Yeah she is from the 3e codex, I read her story in my copy of the old codex and it was what inspired me to pick up my DE again, so I decided to make her my archon. We've had to put the campaign on hold for a while due to university exams and other things but should be picking it up again soon. I did take a few photos and a rather low quality video each turn but forgot to upload them, I will try to get some better quality ones in the new battles and include those I can in future reports.

Yeah I've seen what that tank can do to my army in previous games so decided to tactfully retreat with what i had. Smile

Hopefully I will be updating this again soon.
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Narrative Campaign   Narrative Campaign I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13 2014, 06:16

Well at long last this story is getting back on track. To start I had better explain the campaign system we are using. As said before the Space Wolves have 5000pts of army to use throughout and any units killed will be permanently gone from the available army. However the player can choose to move units off their board edge to keep them alive during missions.

This 5000pts will then be divided into 3 groups of 1500, 1500 and 2000 to be used in the chapters of the campaign. The chapters consist of 3 missions that the player can divide their between forces as they see fit and a final mission which will use all the remaining units from the previous missions in a larger battle. The success or failure of various missions will have difference effects on the narrative and could lead to tougher or easier missions later on.

Hive Infection levels:
1. Low levels of infestation.
2. Moderate levels of infestation.
3. High levels of infestation.
4. Dangerous Levels of infestation.
5. Vile savants and Daemonic incursion.

Chapter 1:
These first missions are primarily damage control and rallying missions, in order to form a strong defensive position until the rest of the force arrives.


Sealing the lower hives:
The PDF where overrun before they could seal a key gate to the lower levels of the hive, in order to stop the spread the space wolves are required to fight their way through the plague zombies and seal the gate way, abandoning the remaining PDF and civilians down there to their fate.

The Lord Commissar:
As the plague has spread amongst the populous dissolution and mutiny has gone through ranks of the PDF, abandoning their posts many have rallied behind a psyker, Ashra Kal, against the Lord Commissar Ryx-Kasta and have launched an attack on the Lord Commissar’s headquarters. With most of his forces bogged down in simply trying to hold defensive positions throughout the hive, Ryx-Kasta has been left open to this attack and without his leadership the remaining PDF will surely crumble.

Recently several key structures within an area of the mid-tier of the hive have come under attack, well placed bombs and ambushes on defence forces have been hampering the effectiveness of the remaining troops within the area. The damage to these structures and facilities is unacceptable and the group responsible must be wiped out to prevent further harassment of the war effort.
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PostSubject: Re: Narrative Campaign   Narrative Campaign I_icon_minitime

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Narrative Campaign
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