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 DoW Style Campaign

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PostSubject: DoW Style Campaign   DoW Style Campaign I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 09 2014, 03:42

A group of friends and I are playing a tabletop campaign similar to dawn of war where you fight battles over territories and the territories have various points costs so I am going to be posting some of my army lists here to be critiqued and to get some tactical advice. My opponents are one necron player, one beginning eldar player, one chaos player, and one veteran player who just started a guard army and can bring space marines as allies in games 1000 points or over.

There are two planets connected by a space port on each planet. Each planet has bonuses for controlling certain territories grants bonuses on that planet such as a shield generator that lets you place a shield generator that projects a 12 inch radius 5+ invuln save to all models inside that radius, a medical center that allows you to give one squad feel no pain, and an armory that lets you make one squads weapons twin linked.

Each territory also gives you requisition which you can use to buy things such as an extra troop choice up to 200 points with no upgrades, a counter attack which can be used to make a game a 1v1v1, or an orbital bombardment.

I will put the full list and requisition cost of each up later. We play about a three games a week and I will be posting certain results and what armies the other players tend to use and what I have available, etc. the games are pretty loose about proxying but I’d appreciate advice on what to buy and what tactics I can use in addition to critiques of my army lists. I don’t have a ton of money so what I can get is partially limited by what I can get cheap on ebay. Thank you in advance to anyone who helps.
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PostSubject: Re: DoW Style Campaign   DoW Style Campaign I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 09 2014, 11:29

I started a similar style of campaign with my mates. With each player getting a turn to attack, specialist missions for main bases, extra bonus' to hive city defenders and kill team missions to weaken the cities before an attack. Along with some other stuff.

The problem we found was that with various attacks and counter attacks going on, the boarder territories changed hands very quickly and there was very little oppotunity for any real progress. Needless to say this campaign has dragged on and on, it's actually starting to feel like a real war (I believe we passed the 2 year point a monthly so ago)... Very little has changed except for people having become bored of the armies they enjoyed playing at the start and various people having switched armies.

But hopefully yours will go slightly better, in terms of tactics and what to buy the simple (but very boring) answer is spam venoms, baster born, haywire wyches and DL ravagers... Venoms and Kabal warriors will deal with the troops whilst blasters haywire wyches and DLs will hopefully dealt with and mech sent your way.
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DoW Style Campaign
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