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 Mini comp list

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PostSubject: Mini comp list   Mini comp list I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 07 2014, 18:57

Hi all,

Was hoping for some advice,

I am playing in a little mini comp with some friends. It's 1250 points with max 2 limit on any one unit type or transport type.

Befor I put the list down, I only own 1 ravager, 1 talos and 1 razor wing and I have no beast pack. Other than that I have nearly everything in the codex, oh and no scourges.

The three other guys are running white scars, iron hands and CSM.

The chaos player is running a nurgle list with demons or khorne allies. 1 drake, 30 cultists.

This is what I am looking at.

2 units of 10 kabbies with sp c in racked raiders
1 unit of 5 hay whyches in a Dakka venom
1 unit of 4 incubi with archon (aggie, SF, PGL) in a Dakka venom
3 reavers with a heat lance
A ravager with DL
A TALOS with splinter cannon and LG
and a razor wing with sp c

What do you think?

I know the iron hands player has a thunder fire cannon

I'm thinking, get the kabbies up the board to try to whittle down his dangerous footsloggers/ TFC/bikes, whilst trying to target tanks with the ravager, reavers and wyches, use the incubi to play as a backfield counter punch against drop pods, and may keep the talos back there as we'll?

What you reckon?


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Mini comp list
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