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 recent 1750 list tournament

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PostSubject: recent 1750 list tournament    recent 1750 list tournament  I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 24 2014, 18:01

hello new DE player and new to form. I been playing DE since january and had fun in our local tournament, these were 1750 lists. I learned a lot and had fun my matches over the day and change. here is my list I used:
Duke Sliscus
Kabalite warrors x9
Raider splinter racks, flicker field, 311 pts
kabalite warriors x 8 shredder
raider splinter racks, flicker 157
succubus agonizer, haywire grenades
wyches x 8
raider flicker, lance 256

reavers x 9 dark lance , clustercaltops 294

kabalite x 3
venom/ twin splinter 92

kabalite x 3
venom/ twin splinter 92

kabalite x 3
venom/twin splinter 92

ravager flicker, dark lances 115

void bomber lance, shatterfield, necron
flicker 175

void bomber lance,necon, flicker 165

toltal 1749 pts

i had as many scoring units for the objectives, brought the reavers in on deep strike.
that was the plan.
played space wolves, elder and marines, i have been reading the form from time to time, and picked up some ideas. out of three games bringing in everything when it could come in didn't work out, bombers not getting in( tabled in three) or late as fourth turn or bikes getting in late.
for the tournament kept the bikes together as one unit, instead of three units of three.
what killed me with marines both times were those great +3 saves, the third game against the space wolves i deployed well but couldn't kill anything, or not very easy. shoot three venoms and every lance against four riders on wolves and he easy makes every save two rounds.
tried to stay away from the big bad wolves. tau , got some units but not great deploying, lost first first roll. and that hurt. left me way out of position and took a beating first turn and late airforce, and the reavers did some damage.
first game discovered what drop pods can due when not deployed very well. but my opponent was really cool, with a lot of experience which he put to good use, in my position the losses were well worth the learning, and had good comments about my list. I am a retired service man and back ground in airforce so i have a weak spot for the bombers. when i got to use them they worked about 50/50. again those 3+ saves really slowed down the procces of elimination. felt like every unit was a shooting sponge. but that is our cross we carry as DE i guess and looking forward to other tournaments, and saturday night playing with new friends.

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recent 1750 list tournament
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