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 my 1850 semi freindly list

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my 1850 semi freindly list Empty
PostSubject: my 1850 semi freindly list   my 1850 semi freindly list I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 09 2014, 04:01

Hey guys, so 2 games down now at 1850, first was a win against BA, next was agains orks.


2 units of splinterborn in venoms

2 units of 10 wyches with nades in raiders.
2 units of 10 worriors with SC in raiders
1 unit 9 worriors in raider with FF(just cause I had 10 points left over)

2 6 man reaver squads with heat lances

3 DL raiders.

Mission against orks was KPs, football deployment. He had 2 10 man biker nob squads, 30 slugga boys, a boss on bike, and some tank hunter type dudes. He had first turn and his bike got stuck into combat by turn 2. I ffed them some wyches to try and tie them up but wyches failed way to hard and ran.(really been dissapointed with wyches so far). I mighthave played reavers a little too agressivly but other than that I'm confidant I played the army as best I could. Oh and drugs, I've always chosen the pain token one, I'm starting to think I should take the extra attack or re rolls if I can, what's Ur thoughts? Anyways at the end if turn 5 I had 1 bike and about 15 sluggas to finish off, 2 ravagers, 10 man wirriors, 6 reavers and a squad of splinterborn and and their venom later saw all but 1 boy dead(bad rolls and good saves) he stuck around and I had to assault him to table for the win with the truborn, who proceeded to do a total of 1 wound which was saved..... The game ended here with that one measly boy stopping me..... Orks won about 18 to 5. So I wasn't really dissapointed or anything, had heaps of fun as always against orks but anyways.

Would there be anything u guys would suggest I change, keeping in mind these are friendly games? I would like to buy another few venoms and stick the wyches in there as they seem crap, and if I'm gunna throw them away at something I may as well do it with 5 not 10. Would love some grots and a beastpack but that's about it at this stage.

On a side note, duke is a boss, m and his squad got charge by his bike and he slapped his warboss down to 1 wound in a challenge his comrades died and resulted in him running. 2 turns later he charges into boss and 3 bikes by himself, challenges(refused). And slaps 3 wounds out, make all his shadowfeild save hen runs hem down.... Total boss.

Anyways c&c welcomed
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my 1850 semi freindly list
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