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 1999 Point Tournament new to Dark Eldar.

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1999 Point Tournament new to Dark Eldar. Empty
PostSubject: 1999 Point Tournament new to Dark Eldar.   1999 Point Tournament new to Dark Eldar. I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 04 2014, 19:47

So I am a new Dark Eldar player who will soon be partaking in a 1999 point tournament. I don't have to many options at the moment as nearly every DE model I own will be part of this list... I would just like some advice maybe on how I should proceed with the list I am able to take. (My first Post)

HQ: 110 pts

Archon: Blaster, Venom Blade, Shadowfield. (going with the blasterborn)

Elites: 183 pts

4 blasterborn: Venom, NS, 2x SC.

Troops: 775 pts

3x 10 warriors: Blaster, SC, In raiders with NS.
1x 10 warriors: Blaster, SC, Sybarite: blast pistol, Power Weapon, In raider with NS. (The sybarite is here due to wysiwyg and models I own.)

Fast Attack: 516 pts

2x 9 Reavers: 3x blaster, Arena Champion: Venom Blade.

Heavy Support: 415 pts

2x Ravager: DL, Flickerfield, NS.
Razorwing Fighter: NS, Flickerfield.

Total = 1999 points on the nose.

Besides what is in this list I own Duke Sliscus, 4 incubi, another Razorwing, 4 more blasterborn some sybarites and 2 more raiders.

I know I don't have much to work with so any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated thanks.
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1999 Point Tournament new to Dark Eldar.
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