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 The Kabal of the Vile Rose: escapades in Real Space Campaigns

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The Kabal of the Vile Rose: escapades in Real Space Campaigns Empty
PostSubject: The Kabal of the Vile Rose: escapades in Real Space Campaigns   The Kabal of the Vile Rose: escapades in Real Space Campaigns I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 01 2014, 15:59

Hello archons and succubi,

I have been jumping all over the forums writing up army lists, tactical musings and now batreps and I wanted one place to link all such things to. Hence the culmination will begin here! The campaign is loosely based on the Lord of War rules and run by an external Campaign Organiser. I'm not a fan of a lot of the rules but have to go along with them regardless so apologies if any of these seem a bit unbalanced and derp-ish!


HQ Defence Force (1,500pts) and Invasion Force (1,000pts) can be found below:

Kabal of the Vile Rose 1,000pt and 1,500pt campaign armies HERE

Because I managed to win my last game by tabling my opponent I got two rolls on the victory chart (roll a D6 and consult the chart below):
1: 75pts spent on upgrading any current units in your army
2: 100pts to spend on Troops
3: 150pts to spend on Fast Attack
4: 200pts to spend on Elites
5: 200pts to spend on Heavy Support
6: 200pts to spend on HQ

Only results of 1 can change current units, any others mean buying new units.

My rolls after the game thus awarded me 100pts to spend on (a) new troops choice(s) (in either list / mixed between them with no minimum unit size and no force organisation chart requirements from now on) as well as 200 points to do as I wish with Heavy Support.

I've also gained the ability to swap one unit from either my Invasion Force to HQ or vice versa. I don't know yet about whether to use this ability now or save it for later. If used now I'm thinking of either swapping over the Autarch or Swooping Hawks to the invasion force as I feel its lacking anti-infantry / reserve bonuses.

I'm thinking of going for a unit of 5 Dark Reapers for the Heavy Support with an Exarch using an Eldar Missile Launcher with Flak Missile upgrade for some air defence. I'd also give him Fast Shot and the 5+ Precision Shots upgrades so he can be a pain when using the S8 Ap3 hits to kill of enemy heavy weapons guys. Its either that or a pair of War Walkers (similarly armed).

I have NO idea what to do with the 100pts on troops! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Very Happy

I took part in my first game (a 'random event' ie. against a random army not on the map) last friday against a 1,000pt Tau force. The success of this mission was critical for me because the campaign causes strict losses and a big margin begins to occur between those who win a few games and those who lose.

The game was a very brutal and bloody affair but thanks to the cunning of Baron Sathonyx's stealing of the initiative the Dark Eldar were saved from a mauling on turn one and capitalised on their long range firepower and fast beast unit movement.

You can find the Battle Report HERE

Set on the world of Pandora VII, 14 forces vie for total power and to be the last standing across the map. Two cities lie centrally to the map and offer VERY powerful bonuses to the player than commands/controls them. Aside from that, each player's HQ square is circuled in RED whilst that player's Invasion Force is not circled in any colour unless they force an alliance (which is symbolised by any colour other than RED).

Here is our latest (1st March 2014)campaign map:
The Kabal of the Vile Rose: escapades in Real Space Campaigns 16140210

Reports from our scan systems show a myriad of action has been taking place prior to the arrival of the Vile Rose Kabal; starting from the most North Easterly segment of the planet, Iron Fists, two seperate Eldar forces, Ultramarines, Inquisition (unknown identity), Necrons, Tau, two Space Wolf armies, a Blood Angels, Tyranid, Thousand Sons and Daemon factions all exist alongside the Kabal.

Alliances have formed (any faction can ally with anyone - even Tyranids!) between the Blood Angels and Tyranids who have chosen to attack the Thousand Sons HQ whilst their Invasion Force allied with the Daemons to take control of the western city. A unusual alliance of Tau, Necrons and Space Wolves exist and look poised to threaten the Inquisition HQ but not before support from the Inquisition invasion force and their Ultramarine allies arrived to lend their armies to the potential fight that is about to occur. Finally, a three-way alliance between the Eldar and us; their dark brothers, sadly fell apart due to a communication breakdown from the 2nd Eldar army - thus a threeway fight is about to occur.


So the Chaos Alliance have taken one of the cities, giving them the ridiculous bonuses of:
- all units controlled by the owner of the city gain +1 Ld
- orbital bombardment may be used every other turn
- any victories gives your army 3 rolls on the victory table instead of 1
- if you control the city for 3 turns it becomes your HQ

This is an unbelievably strong result for them. Technically, whilst the forces of chaos attacked the city, the Thousand Sons were being stabbed in the back by the Blood Angels and Tyranid Invasion Forces which means a combined 2000pt vs 1,500pts (and fortifications) will need to be played soon.

Normally you can support your HQ with your Invasion force if it isn't otherwise occupied, however the Thousand Sons were busy nomming on lots of Imperial Defenders trying to repel the chaos attacks and so his invasion force cannot do such.

These guys seem to be in the lead now but are a long way off from my forces and our Eldar allies, thus I think the best plan is to continue as we are: ally together then strike down to the Ultramarines / Inquisition (if they aren't defeated by the tri-alliance) HQs and gain some victory table rolls to enforce our armies. Once we have a few of these under our belts then we try and storm the eastern city and claim its power before fighting off the tri-alliance and/or the chaos forces...

Any of this make sense in your mind? Razz

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The Kabal of the Vile Rose: escapades in Real Space Campaigns
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