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 Non-40k related book. (Name in progress)

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Non-40k related book. (Name in progress) Empty
PostSubject: Non-40k related book. (Name in progress)   Non-40k related book. (Name in progress) I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 26 2014, 18:44

Alright ladies, here is the first part of the prolouge (still a few pages to go) of my book.

Tim's Prolouge
Tim woke up late in the night. He had a nightmare and wanted to go sleep with his parents because it had frightened him, as he was only 7 years old. He got out of his bed and smelled smoke coming from out of his room and was worried something may of happened.
Tim had messy, short brown hair and dark, green eyes. He was wearing red bed clothes that felt fuzzy and made him feel comfy at night. He also had fluffy black socks on that were cozy and made him feel nice.
He wrapped his blanket around himself as he approached the door of his room, which was made of some sort of pretty wood that he wasn't familiar of. His room wasn't that big and had his comfy bed in the right corner that was away from the door. The walls were made of a smooth, slick marble with a wood boarder.
He went to grab the door knob to his room and yelled, "Hot!" as he touched it and jerked his hand away. He was confused by the burning sensation of the door handle and decided to try kicking the door, as his hand hurt and he was in pain and wanted his mother to make him feel better. He went to kick it and the door opened with a loud THUMP.
Looking out of the room he felt a burst of heat enter the room and started to sweat as he saw a fire in the grand entryway to the house. The entryway was big and had a crimson carpet covering the wooden floor. The chandelier was swaying from the top of the room, it was made of nicely cut glass and served no purpose other then to look nice. The chandelier and part of the cieling above it fell on the ground and shattered, breaking whatever was under it.
He yelled in horror and started to run to his parents' room as he began to cry. He tripped over a piece of burning wood that had fallen and stumbled down the stairway and landed on the ground floor and started to cry as he was bleeding and bruised in several places. As he went to get up he felt a sharp pain in his back as he fell to the ground and everything went blurry around him.

Waking up he had forgotten what happened and saw a man with alot of scary looking weapons looking down at him. "W-wh-who a-are yo-ou?" Tim asked as his voice trembled.
"I am Kross Walter boy, I am sorry about your home. It was a mistake I made while hunting a vampire, one of the creatures of the night that likes to feast on human blood while they are asleep." he said.
"Does mommy or daddy know you? Because I'm not supposed to talk to strangers..." Tim said as he tried to back away but failed as the wood on him made that impossible.
"I have grave news for you boy, I don't think your parents are alive, the place is in flames." Kross said as he took a glove off and moved the wood on Tim.
Kross had short, combed hair that was sweating from the heat. It was complimented by a short beard that made him look a little scary. He had brown eyes that looked happy despite the news he had just told Tim and what he had just told him. He was wearing a black trench had on white gloves that were slightly dirty. He was wearing big, black boots and had an Axe sheathed at his side that looked a bit damaged and a little bloody.
"A-are y-ou l-ly-ying to m-me?" Tim asked unbelieving but still worried sense he was a child.
"Why would I have a reason to lie boy? Here, take my hand" Kross said as he offered Tim his hand after putting his glove back on.
"M-om a-and d-dad a-ar-are d-dead...." Tim said quitely as he started to cry, "W-wh-at a-abo-ut b-bro-the-er?" he asked as he sobbed.
"There isn't a possibility he survived, and we can't look if he did. We need to leave boy, do you want revenge on the people who did this to your parents?" Kross asked as he took Tim's hand and helped him up forcefully.
"Y-yes, I-i w-wa-ant r-rev-veng-ge." Tim said as he started to wipe his tears away from his face.
"Then I will teach you boy to be a hunter like myself, although, it would be best if we got out of this Manor first." Kross replied as he picked Tim up and ran through the rubble out of the house.
"W-what do yo-ou mea-an a hun-nter?" Tim asked as he began to stop crying.
"Silent boy, you'll see what I mean tomorrow. It's been a bad day for you, I know that. So go to sleep, but before you do, you may be wondering why I want to teach you to be a hunter? It's because there isn't anywhere else for you to go and you haven't died yet. Since you still aren't dead after what happened here you must be pretty good at surviving, or it was just luck. Either way, we're short on numbers at the fortress right now anyways so you could become a valuable member." Kross said as he started walking into the woods.

Matthew's Prolouge
Waking up he felt a sharp pain in his back as he fell on the floor and coughed up some blood as the bed he was in broke in half. Crying out in pain he looked around and saw that his room was on fire and a man covered in blood was backing away from him.
The kid was wearing his black, cotton bed clothes that were warm at night. His hair was blonde and was in a mess which he disliked because he liked it being neat and brushed. His socks were black as well and were soft and felt nice. Although he didn't understand why but the upper part of his clothes was covered in blood.
The man was wearing burnt and dirty looking clothes that seemed rather scary. He had a red vest on over a black long-sleeved button up that were both dirty, burnt, and bloody. His pants were black and he had a bolt sticking out of his knee that looked as if it had come from a crossbow.
"W-who a-re y-you?" the boy asked scared as he looked at the man.
Not responding the man smiled revealing two razor sharp looking fangs as he backed away and walked out of the window. Blinking a few times he thought, W-what j-jus-st ha-happen-ened? Tha-at w-was-sn't r-real w-was it? No... i-it could-dn'-n't of b-een. B-ut w-was i-it? Not knowing what to do he walked up to the window and looked down shocked as he saw the man walking into the woods, pulling the bolt out of his leg as he went.
Looking over the boy saw a letter on the floor that said, Addressed to Matthew Ward. Not knowing what to think of the letter he dropped it out the window and thought, I've heard that name but I can't remember where.
The floor beneathe him suddenly collapsed as he fell and coughed up some blood when he landed, he cried out a bit but the pain went away quickly and he saw a cut on him disappear almost immediately and thought, This has to be a dream... but if this were a dream then why does it feel so real? He felt a really sharp pain as he heard a rib snap inside of him as a piece of wood fell on top of him.
He screamed in pain and coughed up some blood as his rib broke. He was only 6 and couldn't lift something like this piece of wood. He started to cry as he laid there dying but suddenly heard a snap as his rib went back into place and the pain went away. That's not normal. he thought to himself as he tried to push the piece of wood off of him, This is impossible... With some effort Matthew was able to push the piece of wood just far enough off his body so that he could inch out from under it and dropped it on the ground.
What am I? he thought as he walked out of the house, Where am I? He looked behind as the house burnt in the night, although for some reason he could see just fine outside without it, which made him wonder what he was, Who am I anyways? He then thought back to that note and thought,Matthew.....I'll be Matthew.
I need somebody to help me.... I don't feel tired though for some reason.... Matthew thought as he walked away from the house towards the city. Maybe I can fine somebody to help me there? He then proceeded to walk towards the city that he knew was past the forest here.

Tim's Prolouge II

"Hey kid, wake up. I want to make sure we get started nice and early." Kross said as he tapped Tim with his foot.
Getting up slowly Tim looked up at Kross and said, "But... the sun isn't even up yet."
"Sure it is kid, the sun may not be all the way up but it's still out. It's what people call a sunrise." Kross replied as he walked up to a horse and pulled something that looked like a wooden sword from a bag on it.
"You want me to learn in this? It's to early and to dark..." Tim said as he yawned and stood up.
"Oh? You think it's to dark boy? What if one of those creatures attack you at midnight?" Kross questioned as he tossed Tim the sword and pulled out another wooden sword for himself.
"What kind of creature would be awake at midnight?" Tim asked as he reached down and grabbed the sword.
"Vampires, my boy." Kross said as he started to take off his hunting equipment.
A hunter carries many different weapons for harming vampires, which include three stakes, a wooden hammer, a crossbow, twenty bolts, a bottle of holy water, a cross, a silver dagger, and some form of sword or axe. That was their entire arsonal, although some of the higher ranking hunters were allowed to carry two or three bottles of holy water and two or three crosses.
"Vampires? Mommy said those are a legend." Tim replied as he looked at the sword.
"Yes boy, vampires. But a heads up for you, the only way to kill one is by beheading it or driving a stake through it's heart. Although there are other ways such as exposing it to sunlight for fifteen minutes. Or maybe you would enjoy drenching one in holy water to watch it dissolve? How you kill is your choice." Kross explained as he took his trench coat off, revealing a white, long-sleeved button up and dark black pants.
"Why are we killing them though? Daddy told me that killing was bad." Tim said as he watched Kross.
"Well kid, it's you or them. They feast upon blood to live, which is another thing I should tell you. If you can keep one of them from feasting for over a week it will die." Kross replied.
"I thought that when people were bit they became vampires to." Tim said.
"Over in Distran where we make our base our scholars have discovered that, only five percent of the people who are bit become vampires. Eighty-seven percent continue to live and the other eight percent die. Although the ones who die are over the age of fifty or sixty usually. Although there have been one or two cases in the past if I remember where younger people have died. Although never under the age of thirty." Kross explained as he did a few practice swings with the sword.
"But they need blood to live." Tim said.
"They take what isn't theirs. Nobody ever offered them blood, they take it. Now boy, enough with the questions. I want you to practice now." Kross said as he walked up to Tim.
"But... I don't know how to use this." Tim said as he tried swinging it and fell over.
"You'll learn boy, you're only seven. In ten or so years when you turn eighteen you'll be allowed on your first mission to kill a vampire." Kross replied as he swung the sword and hit Tim in the back with a loud bang.
"Ow! That hurt!" Tim said as he started to cry.
"Look up at me boy, that pain is nothing compared to what a vampire would do to you." Kross said as he put Tim back up on his feet.
"A-alr-right." Tim said as he swung his sword at Kross in an up-down arc until Kross blocked it with his sword and swung his leg behind Tim and pulled it back, knocking Tim's legs out from under him.
Falling on the ground Tim yells, "That hurt!"
"That's why I told you to fight back, you'll get better kid. I am sorry if you think this training is rough but it will pay off in the end." Kross said as he went to offer Tim his hand.
Tim didn't accept Kross' hand and instead swung his sword at the man's leg. Kross jumped back surprised as he saw what Tim did and said, "You cought my off guard there, I wasn't expecting something like that to happen."
Smiling because Kross had complemented him Tim swung the sword again at Kross but was blocked and knocked down, "You're a little weak kid, put the sword down and go do twenty-five push ups, do not stop."
"Twenty-five!" Tim exclaimed in disbelief, "I can barely do one!"
"Twenty-Five, now. Or no lunch." Kross said.
"Then you do twenty-five to!" Tim challenged as he came to the relization that challenging Kross was a bad idea.
"Alright." Kross said as he dropped to the ground and started doing push ups. He finished after less then a minute and got back up and said, "Your turn boy."
Gulping Tim got down on his hands and said, "A-alr-righ-ght."
Kross sat down on a rock and picked up his huge war-axe. He pulled a clothe from his pocket and started to clean off all the blood and that was on it as he watched Tim start doing push ups and struggling. Kross laughed a bit and said, "I remember when I was like you boy... long time ago it was."
Tim started to sweat as he did his eighth push up and said, "This's... impossible." he then collapsed on the ground and started to breathe heavily.
"No boy, it is not impossible. You merely don't want to think it is possible. Now go again! Every time you fall you have to restart!" Kross said loudly as he set his axe down after cleaning it.
"A....alright." Tim said as he started to do push-ups.
Kross started to whistle as he grabbed his stakes and examined them, making sure each one was sharp to the tip, "I suppose I'll make you some stakes while you do that." he said as he grabbed his axe and went to chop down a large branch.
Tim got to eleven push ups and stayed there for sometime as he sweated, "Kr...ross! C...can I con...continue!"
"Sure kid! Though you can't eat lunch if you aren't finished by then!" Kross said loudly over the sound of the branch he was cutting from a tree.
"A...alr...right..." Tim said quitely as he laid on the ground gasping for breathe.
Kross finished cutting the branch and brought it over to the camp, which was in a small clearing in the woods. There were two bedrolls that Kross had set out the night before that were lying next to a fire surrounded by a wall of rocks and pebbles. Kross had his horse on a tree and it held all of his food and other small goods.
"Hey kid, I still don't know your name, what is it?" Kross asked as he took out his dagger and started to carve the tip of a stake into a point.
"My na...ame is T...tim W..war...ard" he replied as he looked at Kross.
"Tim Ward? Alright." Kross said as he finished sharpening a stake and set it on the ground infront of him and grabbed another part of the branch and started to cut into it with his dagger.
"So... uhh... wh-hat are want...anting to... do tho...ose in pra...acti..tice." Tim asked as he lied there exhausted.
"Well boy, you'll show me how well you can hammer one of these. You'll be hammering these into dead animals. I just killed a deer while you were sleeping, come with me boy. You'll start by hammering the stake into it's heart." Kross said as he tossed a stake over to Tim.
"That sounds... very scary" Tim said as his breathe started to go back into it's normal pace.
"It's a gruesome practice and you'll get pretty bloody so take off your shirt." Kross said as he picked up his hammer and tossed it over to Tim as well.
"Alright..." Tim said slowly as he took his shirt off and picked up the hammer with one hand and the stake with the other, "It is dead right?"
"Yes boy. You aren't going to be hurting any living animals, people would wonder about us if we killed living animals just for practice." Kross replied as he started to walk into the woods, "Come along boy."
"Alright." Tim said as he ran after Kross and met up with him, "Where is the dead deer?"
"It's right there boy." Kross responded as he pointed towards a recently killed deer, "You know what to do. Aim for the heart."
Gulping, tim walked over to the deer and leaned down over it as he centered the tip of the stake over where he thought the heart would be and brought the hammer up. He closed his eyes as he went to hammer into it but missed and heard a loud crunch as he broke the deer's bones. He brought it up again, disgusted with himself as he brought the hammer down onto the stake and heard a noise he would never forget as the stake ripped through the skin of the deer and blood splattered out onto his face and chest.
"Is it done?" Tim asked as his frightened look showed he didn't like doing it.
"No. You are supposed to hammer until the stake goes straight through." Kross said.
"A-alr-right." Tim said while looking at the gruesome scene he had made.
He brought the hammer up and hammered into the stake again, he felt more blood splatter onto him as he did and was starting to feel sick to the stomach. He brought the hammer up again and hit the stake as it went farther into the deer. He did so several more times until it was all the way in the deer and it was drenched in blood, along with himself. He dropped the hammer after seeing what he had done in horror.
"Good job boy, although you'll be having to do that to living, breathing monsters as well in a little more then a decade." Kross explained.
"Do I have to do it again..." Tim asked as he shivered, the blood felt strange all over him and felt wrong.
"Well boy, you'll be trained to do that on the dead corpses of people in the fortress. You should try getting used to it on the way there." Kross said as he walked over and picked up his hammer.
"On...dead corpses..." Tim said to himself, shivering at the thought.
"Yes boy. Dead corpses. I want you to get used to it before then. You also need to try cutting the head off of things in one swift blow, but that way isn't quite as gruesome." Kross explained as he looked at Tim from up to down.
"So.... uhh... can I get a bath..." Tim asked slowly.
"Yes, there's a lake a bit farther up from here." Kross said as he started to walk back to the camp.
"Alright...." Tim said as he went to the lake to clean himself off.

Matthew's Prolouge II
Matthew walked down the trail that went up to the manor he was in, still trying to comprehend what was going on. It was pitch black outside, he was sure of it, even if it did look normal outside. He felt wierd and had a strange thirst coming to him but he didn't know what he wanted.
"What is this feeling..." he said to himself as he saw what looked to be a merchant's wagon on the main road a few hundred feet from Matthew.
He walked to it, hoping there would be someone there to take him in and protect him. He approached it and looked inside, there was a man sleeping in it surrounded by goods. He seemed to be in a deep sleep so Matthew started to poke at him.
"Sir. Sir! I need some help!" Matthew said loudly as he poked at the man.
The man stirred a bit and looked up at Matthew. He jumped back after seeing Matthew's face and exclaimed, "Vampire! There's a vampire in my wagon! Help!"
"I'm not a vampire sir." Matthew said, feeling rather confused.
"Lier! You'll drink my blood!" the man yelled as he knocked Matthew down.
"Watch are you doing sir!" Matther said loudly as he landed on the ground.
"You have to be a vampire! Your eyes are red and your teeth are razor sharp!" The man yelled as he grapped a cross and aimed it at Matthew.
For some reason the cross scared Matthew so he crawled back a bit and looked up at the man, frightened. "Sir! Please stop this! Don't hurt me!"
"Vampires deserve death!" the man yelled as he grabbed what looked like a stake and jumped on Matthew.
"Sir, don't do this! I didn't mean anything!" Matthew yelled as he struggled to get free.
"You lie monst-" the man yelled as he was knocked off of Matthew.
Looking around Matthew saw the man from the manor who said, "Drink his blood kid."
"Wha...what?" Matthew asked, confused.
"You heard me, I didn't stutter, did I? Drink his blood, you need blood once a week. You can live off of it, all you need to go do is keep a low profile in one of the cities." the man said as he watched Matthew.
"A-alright." Matthew said as he felt his teeth, he had two sharp fangs that cut into him.
What is this? I thought vampires were a legend... Matthew then reached his head down and bit into the man's neck, the blood was warm and tasteful. He hadn't had such a great tasting flavour since he was born... atleast he didn't think he had, as he couldn't remember anything past when he was bit. Matthew continued to drink the blood of the man, it started to streak down both of them, covering his face in blood as he drank.
After awhile Matthew realized that there was no more blood coming from the man, he felt full but enjoyed the taste. Standing up he realized the man was almost white and was covered in blood, Matthew looked around and saw that the other man had left and wasn't around.
"He's....he's dead." he said to himself in a shock as he looked around.
I can't stay here, I'll take what I can from the wagon and leave. Matthew jumped into the wagon and looked around, after a few minutes he had decided on what to take. He had taken a brand new set of clothes that looked rather nice, a white button up shirt with a red vest and black pants. He also grabbed a back pack and had put two blankets in it, all the man's gold, which looked atleast to be a thousand, some expensive looking jewels and jewelery. Matthew also made sure to grab a little dagger that he would use if he had to defend himself sense he was on his own.
He got out of the wagon and looked up as the sun was starting to rise and his skin started to hurt. When he looked down at it he noticed it was burning from the sun and thought, Oh, I remember mommy telling me that vampires can't go out in the morning... I wish I could remember more. He looked around for a place where he could sleep during the day and decided to go sleep in the woods where it was shaded nicely.
Matthew walked into the woods a bit and lied down under a place where the sun wouldn't reach him and thought, Where are my parents? If my eyes are red then that means they'll think I'm bad, right? Matthew then slowly passed out while lying down for the day, wondering what he would do when he woke up.

Matthew woke up a few times during the day, but finally managed to stay asleep until the sun was out of the sky. Slowly Matthew got up and thought, Is it weird that I don't feel hungry? Maybe not since I drank blood... Wait, since I drank blood does that mean that is all I need to stay full? I don't understand...
Looking around he noticed that he might need to head to the city like that man said to, and since the closest city was beyond the fields he thought he could make it there by the end of the night if he was lucky. I'm six if I remember, right? Is part of becoming a vampire also becoming more mature or was I just naturally born this way?
Walking a bit through the forest he saw the wagon that was there yesterday night along with the dead body that had already started to decompose. Matthew also noticed what appeared to be some men inside the wagon stealing stuff and thought, Those men seem scary... How should I deal with getting around them? Maybe they'll run if they see what I am.
With his mind set on what he was going to do Matthew walked out of the trees and approached the wagon and said, "Excuse me, I'm lost sir. Do you know where I could go to seek safety?"
One of the men turned around, there were three there. The man who turned around looked at Matthew and said, "Hey kid, what are you doing out here? The village is all the way that way. Get going, nothing to see here."
Matthew realized that the man couldn't see his red eyes and said, "Oh alright sir, but I'd be scared by myself. I'm only a little kid."
"So you want me to go with you kid? Alright... I suppose I can do that." The man said as he turned and faced the other two, "Hey guys, I'll be back in a few, this kid was wondering around and got lost so I'll be taking him back to that town."
"Alright Eric, but make sure you're back soon. Don't want some road guards to come along and see that body and blame it on us." one of the men said.
"Alright kid, let's get going." Eric said as he hopped out of the wagon. Eric was wearing a slightly dirty black tunic as well as pants and was wearing torn, brown boots and had brown, messy hair as well as light blue eyes.
"Alright sir." Matthew said as he hid a smile, realizing that he could drink this man's blood tonight as well when they were all alone.
Eric grabbed Matthew's hand and said, "Don't want you getting lost on the walk, and you have alot of stuff on you. Were you camping or something?" he then started to walk with Matthew to the city and away from the wagon.
"Yeah..." Matthew responded slowly, hoping the man didn't see the handle of the dagger sticking out of the back pack.
"Alright, so where are your parents then?" Eric asked as the wagon was starting to get out of sight.
"My parents... they.. well I went with my dad... and uhh... we got seperated in the woods while heading back..." Matthew said as he came up with something to say.
"Alright... well then wouldn't he be looking for you?" he asked as he looked at Matthew, starting not to believe what the kid was saying.
"Well... he walked back home I think... although I heard a bear up in the woods..." Matthew said as he started to realize that he was sounding very suspicious.
"Ok... well then are you certain that... umm.... well I think your father may of.... well..." Eric said slowly, trying to think of what to say to Matthew to make it seem polite that his father may of died.
"What happened?" Matthew asked, starting to feel confused himself.
Eric stopped, they were out of sight of the wagon and he reached down and hugged Matthew. Matthew's mouth was only a few centimeters from Eric's neck when Eric said, "I think he died"
Matthew hugged Eric tightly and bit into his neck, drinking the blood fastly. Eric screamed in pain and tried to push away but was starting to feel weak as his arms fell and he started to feel numb. His skin started to turn pale as Matthew drank his blood, "Vam...mpire...." Eric managed to say before passing out.
Pulling away Matthew wiped his face off and said, "Yes, I am a vampire." Eric was still alive, if just slightly when Matthew pulled the dagger out from his back pack and said, "Well... I suppose I need to kill you so that it looks like an accident,"
Bringing the dagger up into the air Matthew looked at the barely living man and thought, It's so they don't hunt me. I do it to live, they just don't understand. He then brought the dagger down on Eric and stabbed him in the heart repeatedly, making sure that Eric wouldn't have a chance of surviving. After pulling away Matthew was covered in blood and thought, I don't think they'll allow me into the village in this condition. Well... I suppose it doesn't hurt to try.
He then wiped as much blood from his face as he could, Wouldn't hurt to have a mirror right now. But can I see myself? I don't know... Matthew then began to walk to the city, trying to think of how he could get in on the way there. They'll think I'm to mature for my age, won't they? Of course they would... I'm only 6 and act like I'm an adult. And my eyes... I need to do something about them.
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PostSubject: Re: Non-40k related book. (Name in progress)   Non-40k related book. (Name in progress) I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 05 2014, 00:24

I like the contrast you've set up between the two boys, and the ways they deal with their situation - one very much like a child in a crisis, the other already much more like a supernatural entity as his condition affects him. It's interesting to see the differences in their responses.

I also enjoyed the way their stories are different but reflect each other, as they are both children dealing with huge changes, and they both have a mentoring figure, but the two ways they go about it are partly shaped by what's happened to them as well as who they have teaching them and their own personalities.

You should definitely write more Smile


Non-40k related book. (Name in progress) BbGpM5p
Non-40k related book. (Name in progress) Tdcawardssigcombosmalys
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PostSubject: Re: Non-40k related book. (Name in progress)   Non-40k related book. (Name in progress) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 11 2014, 17:51

Will do, haven't had time to finish the prologue but I've gotten another 2 pages of it done since I posted this. I'll have the rest of it up after I finish it, I've had to start spending more time on models recently so haven't been able to write.
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PostSubject: Re: Non-40k related book. (Name in progress)   Non-40k related book. (Name in progress) I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 12 2014, 18:13

I think I've decided on the pacings of how much I'll write a day, hopefully one to two hours of work a day. And if I continue like that it should get done in three or four months, of course I'll have to go through and continue to edit it more. As that will just be the rough draft.
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PostSubject: Re: Non-40k related book. (Name in progress)   Non-40k related book. (Name in progress) I_icon_minitime

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Non-40k related book. (Name in progress)
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