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 DE versus The World

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PostSubject: DE versus The World   DE versus The World I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 26 2014, 14:34

So, I have been thinking TT-wise on what units go well against what opponents.
So far the one I have most thoroughly looked over is wyches vs. howling banshees, and that's mainly 'cause I actually know both of their exact stats!

All this is theoretical and in the end wont be much use in the actual battlefield because it doesn't include any possible modifiers.

So anyway, in case you never thought of it, wych vs. banshee:

If on closecombat, with no charge bonuses, overwatch, combat drugs or psychic powers included, it goes:
Wyches first, hit on four, wound on four, banshees save on four.
Banshees hit next, hit on four, wound on four, wyches save on four.

...quite even, except that wyches have a better chance of winning because of better initiative which is good since they are cheaper than banshees and scoring, and are almost guaranteed to have another thing to beef them up with combat drugs.

Now, I want to throw the ball to all you other mathhammer lovers and simpler mathematicians.
Think up of a DE unit against someone else (or maybe another DE unit, or the same unit with different equipment) or check the few I mentioned at the end and then go through which one has better chances of winning, causing casualties etc., and how much better.
Own experiences are welcome too I suppose but since this is for unnecessary fun it is best to pressume battles where everything is in base contact with everything because it makes stuff not too complicated.
I don't count a lot of percentages (=lazy me) but if you want you can do that. I could try to count the amount of casualties inflicted in one round on the banshee/wych encounter above if there would be, lets say 5 wyches and 5 banshees (even numbers) but maybe not right now... *cough*

I have thought of the following fights as well and would be interested to hear on any knowledge (don't have the codexes of the factions so not sure at all on exact stats):

Grotesques vs. Centurions.
Yep. Why not?
Lets say 3vs3 (not counting any existing wounds, charge bonuses etc.)
How many rounds could this last, how badly will grots be kicked, will they manage to bring down any of them?
Also, with different melee weapons? I am not sure how wide are the centurion's choice in them.

Lelith vs. a big blob of guardsmen. how many can she bring down?
She could kill almost ten of them in a round and probably rout them and kill the rest in a sweeping advance.
And what if they were veteran guardsmen? Will they really have any better chances of surviving a round or two against her?
(I just had an idea for a minigame with Lelith fighting against endless conscripts)

...and feel free to add any other crazy, bizarre, ordinary or obvious match-ups you can think of.
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DE versus The World Empty
PostSubject: Re: DE versus The World   DE versus The World I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 26 2014, 22:19

Ladies and gentlemen,

In that corner at 108 pts of fire warriors standing at 12 models strong; aaaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddd

in this corner, their mean and sometimes painted green, 150 pts of Outflanking Dark Eldar Mandrakes at standing a 10 strong.

Round  2

DE: Mandrakes outflank ....  "Uhhhh we can't shoot so...  um.. a...... rawr"  

Tau: Fire warriors, "oh my god ~panic~ its an assault squad ~more panic~ shot them" ...    double tap (24 shots) Cause 8.333 wounds (a) after invul save 5.556 mandrakes die (b) after 4+ cover 4.167 mandrakes die.  

Turn:  2

DE: Mandrakes .... still can't shoot...  "RAWR" and Charge.

Tau: Fire Warriors Over watch 24 shots and cause 2.778 wounds (a) after invul save 1.852 mandrakes die (b) after a 4+ cover 1.389 mandrakes die.

The Assault:
--Initiative 10--6: Nothing.
--Initiative 5:  Mandrakes:  "Hi.  In addition to not being able to shoot, we don't have assault grenades and because your cover camping tau you can go ahead and strike first."

--Initiative 4: Tau:  "your serious?"
--Initiative 3:  Mandrakes:  "Ya go ahead, we'll wait."  
--Initiative 2: Tau: "Okay" ... (12 models + Tau cause 3.000 wounds and after invul saves 2 mandrakes die.

-- Initiative 1:  Tau: "Thanks.... eat photon grenade sucka" (a)* Mandrakes cause 0.889 wounds after saves 0.444 tau die (i.e., zero) (b)** Mandrakes cause 0.889 wounds after saves 0.444 tau die (i.e., zero) (c)^ Mandrakes cause 1.778 wounds after saves and after saves 0.889 taus die (i.e., 1) (d)^^ Mandrakes cause 1.778 wounds after saves and after saves 0.889 taus die (i.e., 1)
*Casualties from shooting were (a) then (a)=  0.592 survivors i.e., 1; 2 attacks
**Causalities from shooting were (a) then (b)=   1.055 survivors i.e., 1; 2 attacks
^ Casualties from shooting were (b) then (a)=  1.981 survivors i.e., 2; 4 attacks
^^ Casualties from shooting were (b) then (b)= 2.444 survivors i.e., 2;  4 attacks


* and ** outcomes:  Tau FLAWLESS VICTORY; Mandrakes, 1 survivor and has a 58.333% chance of failing his/her/its morale check.  

^ and ^^ outcomes:  Tau Overwhelming Victory, 11 of 12 models remaining; Mandrakes have 2 survivors and have a 41.667% chance of failing their morale check.  

(that was kinda fun...  i'm not sure I should feel that way.)
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DE versus The World
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