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 Competitive 1000pt Adeptiteam List

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PostSubject: Competitive 1000pt Adeptiteam List   Competitive 1000pt Adeptiteam List I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 24 2014, 15:54

So Adepticon is a little over a month away and after playing a Adepticon Team Primer this last weekend I feel my list may need some tweaking. My partner played Necrons and I Dark Eldar. We considered trying to abuse night fighting with Imotekh and or crpyteks but chose not to go that route (good thing since we face Taudar twice and Tau SM in the other doe ignoring cover and night fight hurt us). We did well winning our first 2 rounds, and finally lost to the second of the Taudar Lists. Here is what I ran. I am looking for suggestions as to how to make a HARDER list. I am currently trying to utilize the FOC that allows me 2 elite choices.

For those not familiar with the Adpeticon Team FoC.

1 HQ , 1-3 Troops, 1 Fast Attack, 1-2 Elites, 1 Heavy (each person takes different chart allowing either 1-2 elites 1-2 FA, 1-2 HS, or  1 Fort)

The Baron - 105

5 Warriors - Raider , splinter racks, lance - 115
5 Warriors - Venom, Dual Splinters   - 110
5 Warriors - Venom, Dual Splinters   - 110

4 Beastmasters, 5 khymerae, 4 razorwing flocks - 168

3 Blasterborn- Venom, Dual Splinters - 146
3 Trueborn (2 blaster, 1 splinter) , Venom Dual Splinters - 141

1 Ravager - 3x Lances - 105


An easy switch is getting another Venom in there instead of the raider since 5 in the raider is not optimal. But i dont mind having the 3 HP vehicle with the extra pop shot lance.

Any ideas are welcome as to how to make something just down right dirty. We will be playing against plenty of shennanigans in the tournament... The other current armies we are taking are Necrons few flyers 2 barges possible wraiths or deathmark cryptek combo), CSM 2 helldrakes or 1 helldrake with a mini spawn star, Daemons sky shield landing pad a few ground threats (dogs and fiends) and some horrors.
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Competitive 1000pt Adeptiteam List
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