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 First List 500 points

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First List 500 points Empty
PostSubject: First List 500 points   First List 500 points I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 22 2014, 06:23

Here is my first list at 500 points, I just want to try a few things and get back to the fight. I made this list to guide me to build my army. I will ad something every month. This list is based on the battle force I purchase not a long time ago. I already create a topic with my painting (doing the Raider now)

500 Pts - Dark Eldar Roster

1 Haemonculus
. . 1 Haemonculus - Hexrifle; Close Combat Weapon; Splinter Pistol

10 Kabalite Warriors
. . 9 Kabalite Warriors - Kabalite Armour
. . 1 Kabalite Warriors - Splinter Cannon; Kabalite Armour

1 Raider
. . 1 Raider - Dark Lance; Splinter Racks; Night Shields

3 Reavers
. . 2 Reavers - Close Combat Weapon; Splinter Pistol; Reaver Jetbike
. . 1 Reavers - Heat Lance; Close Combat Weapon; Splinter Pistol; Reaver Jetbike

4 Wracks
. . 4 Wracks

5 Wyches
. . 5 Wyches - Plasma Grenades; Haywire Grenades

1 Venom
. . 1 Venom - Splinter Cannon; Flickerfield; Splinter Cannon; Night Shields
Total Roster Cost: 498

So, I will go over my list.

HQ: I take him to give is pain token to the revear, and after he will just sit in the back with wracks on an objectif. Give him Hexrifle just in case I get lucky.

Warriors on the raider are Anti-infantery with the Splinter Racks to help them.
Wych are diversion and Anti-tank. They will try to get some charge and die. I am not asking to much.
Wrack take an objectif on my deployement zone.

Fast Attack:
Reavers will be hunting Tank or turbo boosting over infantery.

So, for anti-tank I have the Reavers, Wyches, and One dark lance. And Anti-infantery I have the Warriors, One Venom and the Reavers. Wyches can also try to finish off some units.

I don't think I will be facing a lot of Tank at 500 points. I will try this list after I finish the painting but I would like to move to 750 points after. What do you think I should ad. A ravager for sure, and I was thinking Reavers, because I love them.
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First List 500 points
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