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 Threat Bubbles: A Newbie's Perspective

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Threat Bubbles: A Newbie's Perspective Empty
PostSubject: Threat Bubbles: A Newbie's Perspective   Threat Bubbles: A Newbie's Perspective I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 19 2014, 05:47

Like I said in a recent thread update, "after playing my first game (and thinking about the experience, doing additional research online and asking questions), I've come to realise that threat bubbles are more important than going first, because making use of threat bubbles appropriately, increases your chances of taking First Blood, preserving your numbers and wiping out the enemy."

That being said, I've been going a little crazy over the idea of threat bubbles lately. Here's a reference sheet I wrote up -- I'd like your opinions and feelings on it. Essentially, I'd use it to help myself better plan my movement, and pick out targets. It's heavily influenced by this article, by Thor (and the one game experience I've had so far).

While the cheat-sheet says "My Dark Eldar", I've listed the units I use, to help others review the list, as well as plan and evaluate their own threat bubbles. That being said, the army is a basically 5 Venoms, 2 Ravagers and a collection of Kabalite Warriors and Trueborn.

My Venom Spam Threat Bubbles
Venom + 4x Kabalite Trueborn with 4x Blasters + [Archon] = 30”; + Splinter Cannon: 48”
→ When disembarking: 32”; + Splinter Cannon: 48”
Venom + 5x Kabalite Warriors + 4x Splinter Rifles + 1x Blaster = 30" & 36”; + Splinter Cannon: 48”
→ When disembarking: 38”; + Splinter Cannon: 48”
Ravager with 3x Dark Lances = 48”

*My Dark Eldar army’s threat bubble after moving is is 36" inches; I generally want to keep about 50% or less of my opponent's army within 36" of my army

*My Dark Eldar army’s total movement range is 30"; I generally want to keep my opponent 48" away from my forces as much as possible, so that they can then move into my threat bubble during their movement phase (this applies most especially during the first turn, so I can take First Blood)

*Always ask the opponent what the range of his/her weapons are, if uncertain, in order to identify target-priority.

*Shoot with the units that have the least number of enemy units in range, first.

Sample Target Priorities
Tau Target Priorities:
- Ion Accelerator (72”)
- Heavy Rail Rifle (60”)
- Ion Cannon (60”)
- Kroot Rifle (60”)
- Longshot Pulse Rifle (48”)
- Railgun (48”)
* Anything with Marker Lights

Imperial Guard Target Priorities:
- Autocannon (48”)
- Bastion Breacher Shells (48”)
- Exterminator Autocannon (48”)
- Hellfury Missiles (72“)
- Lascannon (48”)
- Missile Launcher (48”)
- Mortar (48”)
- Vanquisher Battle Cannon (48”)
- Battle Cannon (72”)
- Colossus Siege Mortar (24”-240”)
- Deathstrike Missile (12”-infinite)
- Earthshaker Cannon (36”-240”)
- Griffon Heavy Mortar (12”-48”)
- Hellstrike Missiles (72”)
- Storm Eagle Rockets (24”-120”)

*Note: none the ommited sample target priorities include their potential movement range; look out for anything with a range of 36"

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Threat Bubbles: A Newbie's Perspective Empty
PostSubject: Re: Threat Bubbles: A Newbie's Perspective   Threat Bubbles: A Newbie's Perspective I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 20 2014, 00:20

Actually Railguns are 72 inches on the hammerhead and 60 on the broadsides.

Speed and cover are the way to close with some of these units.
Nightshields are the other.

Sometimes you can't really go by a threat bubble,you have to take in the battlefield and decide what units are worth sacrificing..close the range or dance outside it.

I need my pain,it helps me focus on setting your world a flame.
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Threat Bubbles: A Newbie's Perspective
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