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 1750 gottacon list

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PostSubject: 1750 gottacon list   1750 gottacon list I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 19 2014, 01:14

I am going to Gottacon in soon and need some help choosing an army list.

one is Dark Eldar primary with Eldar allies. the other is the inverse.


5 kabalites

5 kabalites

20 kabalites w/ 2 splinter cannons a sybarite. (I am thinking I might prefer two 10 man units? saves 10pts as well)

Could even run 3 10 man with cannons?

beast pack. 5 masters. 8 4++ dogs, 6 flocks

beast pack. 5 masters. 8 4++ dogs, 6 flocks

Talos w/ twin splinter cannon and liquefier.

Farseer w/ bike, shard and ruins of warding.

2x3 bikes

7 warp spiders (I only have 7 painted, but I own more so one unpainted model would be ok to make this unit Cool

Wraithknight. stock

total points 1642 (1632 if I take 2x10 man kabalites and no sybarite)
with the left over points I am thinking of taking maybe a ravanger with dark lances and a gruesome talisman (110pts or a venom with duel cannons and gruesome talisman (70pts)

the other is this


Farseer w/ Jetbike, Shard of Anaris (fearless for beasts is awesome), ruins of warding (to protect against those hated spells like enfeeble, misfortune, hallucination ect...)

2x10 Guardian defenders
2 serpents w/ twin scatter, shuriken cannon.

2x3 jetbikes

6 warp spiders

1 hornet w/ 2 pulse lasers

3 war walkers with 2 scatter lasers

wraithknight w/ standard load out



5 kabalites

Beast packs w/ 5 masters, 8 4++ dogs, 6 razor flocks.


which army do you think looks better and/or more fun to play?

c&c would be much loved.


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1750 gottacon list Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1750 gottacon list   1750 gottacon list I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 19 2014, 03:00

I'm biased so I would say Dark Eldar w/ Eldar allies.  (Take with a grain of salt.)

I would run with larger beasts squads  (larger fire magnet and more staying power). Personal favorite is 15 dogs and 4 bird swarms; (mathhammer says: opponent needs 30 wounds to shoot through the dogs, more if you pick up fortune :-)).   (One large squad instead of two smaller squads might be preferable).  

The list is lacking anti-tank.  The birds may have rending, but its not all that useful against vehicles when the rear armor is not 10 or the vehicle is a walker (assuming your list was relying on these for anti-tank).  Wraith knight appears to be your only long range anti-tank-- you need some long range anti-tank so that your opponent's transports don't take them to where they want to go.  This is especially important if you don't have a lot of vehicles.  

Finally, if your goal is to get a bunch of Spl-Cannons-- three true born 2 splinter cannons one venom with 2 splinter cannons, runs ya 121 pts.  

I personally don't like the 20 man team as much due to the lack of mobility but I know a few people who swear by them some so which ever serves your play style better.  However, your note says save ten points so the sybarite is naked- if your shelling out for the sybarite might as well shell out for the PGL.  Defense grenades could be a life saver if hit by a small to medium size assault unit and the stealth (although limited to shooters in 8" range) is nothing to complain about.

Anyway, whatever you decide-- Good Luck.  
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1750 gottacon list
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