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 1500pts (Friendly) vs Guard

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1500pts (Friendly) vs Guard Empty
PostSubject: 1500pts (Friendly) vs Guard   1500pts (Friendly) vs Guard I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 17 2014, 11:35

Well once again I've come slinking back into the webway leaving my Astral Claws to defend Badab by themselves for a while. Instead I'm readying my Kabal for a large scale raid into real-space to remind the lesser races of their place in the galaxy.

On Friday I've got the first game of a new campaign a friend and I are playing as friendly "warm up" before the tournament he's organising in the summer. So far the story is fairly basic, Imperial Garrison world, Dark Eldar slave raid.  The first game will be the first strike by the Dark Eldar, appearing out of nowhere to begin the slaughter and make a beach head on the planet.

So here's a quick 1500pt list I've built up for the game but I'm looking for some C&C on it.

Duke Sliscus- 150pts

Haemonculus, Liquifier gun- 60pts

9 Warriors, Blaster, Sybarite BP VB, Raider FF- 196pts

10 Warriors, Blaster, SC, Sybarite BP VB, Raider FF -215pts

8 Wyches, Hydra gauntlets, Hekatrix PW, Raider FF -180pts

8 Wyches, Shardnet, Hekatrix PW, Raider FF -180pts

3 Wracks, Venom SC - 95pts

5 Scourges, 2 HB - 130pts

Razorwing, 4 NecroTox, FF - 175pts

Ravager, FF- 115pts

Total- 1496pts

The Duke will join the 9 man warrior team and the Haemy goes with the one squad of Wyches. Razorwing and Scourges held in the reserve.

I used to run a Duke list quite a bit in 5th but with the changes to Deep Strike I'm not sure whether it's worth deploying normally or go straight for the throat with a Low Orbit Raid.

As I said, C&C more than welcome.

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1500pts (Friendly) vs Guard PoisonedClawSigWIP2
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1500pts (Friendly) vs Guard
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