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 New to DE + First All comers list

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PostSubject: New to DE + First All comers list   New to DE + First All comers list I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 16 2014, 04:15

Hey Guys,

Been toying with the idea of moving into 40K from fantasy. DE IMHO have the best models GW produce and i'm a big fan of their fluff so im trying to put a viable 1500 point list together. I want a fairly competitive list that's not boring to play or look at.

This is my first attempt, please let me know a few pointers/thoughts.

Archon - 125 (joins the incubi unit in the venom)
Shadow field, agoniser, combat dugs, haywire grenades

Haemonculus - 75 (joins the Wracks unit in the venom)
Liquidator gun, scissorhand

4 wracks - 115
Liquidator gun, venom, splinter cannon

10 Kabalite warriors - 195
blaster, splinter, cannon, raider, splinter racks, flickerfiield

5 Wyches - 125 going tank hunting
Venom, splinter cannon, Haywire grenades

4 Incubi - 153
Venom, Splinter cannon

8 Hellions - 143
hallarch, venom blade

9 Reavers - 297
2 heat lances, champion, venom blde, 3 cluster caltrops

Ravager - 115

Ravager - 115

Total = 1458

So aiming for 1,500, not too sure what else to go for/change. I love the look/theme of having a super fast army so Reavers and Hellions just look perfect.

What do you guys think? Changes, thoughts?

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PostSubject: Re: New to DE + First All comers list   New to DE + First All comers list I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 16 2014, 04:25

On the Venoms the 2nd splinter cannon is great, you double your shots for a lower cost. I'm a bit iffy with only 9 Hellions,it's hard to say how if any issues will arise, from some experience the more of the them the better they'll work for you. It's a bit dependent on your play style.

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New to DE + First All comers list
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