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 A 1750 'Dark Olympiad' list..

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A 1750 'Dark Olympiad' list.. Empty
PostSubject: A 1750 'Dark Olympiad' list..   A 1750 'Dark Olympiad' list.. I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 14 2014, 16:40

Just putting together a 1750 list that's basically a wych cult army, based off of the dark olympiad apoc formation. It's not units nor a style that it'd normally play, so it seemed like it'd be an interesting thing to do. Any advice on tuning it and any dos/donts from people who played wych cult are very welcome.


Duke Sliscus

3x Blood Brides +Raider +Lance
3x Blood Brides +Raider +Lance

8x hellions
5x Wyches +Haywire +Venom +2ndSPCan
5x Wyches +Haywire +Venom +2ndSPCan
5x Wyches +Haywire +Venom +2ndSPCan
5x Wyches +Haywire +Venom +2ndSPCan
7x Wyches +Haywire +Raider +Dissie

3x Reavers +Heat Lance
6x Reavers +2x Heat Lances
4x Beastmaster +20x Khymerae

Part of me does want to run with no heavys at all, tho i do think it might leave me in trouble vs mech spam lists, particularly cron fliers, but hey, it's not meant as a brutal competitive list, so i can live with that. The blood bride raiders are a little crowbarred in to try and plug that gap and hopefully along with the reavers can offer me something in the range anti-tank dept. I've got haywire pretty much everywhere, so that should help with tanks.

Venoms and the hellions offer some decent anti-intantry fire and the baron buffs the beast pack, making it even more of a threat. I haven't run the duke before, probably wont make use of the deep strking, but the choice on the drugs roll is nice and having another shadowfield in combat is always nice.

Like i said, thoughts are very welcome.
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A 1750 'Dark Olympiad' list..
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