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 Using a Beastmaster Pack as a screen?

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Using a Beastmaster Pack as a screen? Empty
PostSubject: Using a Beastmaster Pack as a screen?   Using a Beastmaster Pack as a screen? I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 10 2014, 10:33

Hey guys,

Im currently building a little harle stylised E/DE force; using Iyanden suppliment and running wraiths as my core troops (suitably converted to look nice and evil). Now my DE part of the force contains sliscus and gunboats galore. The playstyle being that I have all my AT start on the board and blast some nice big holes in some tanks and transports, then the duke through Autaurch reserve manipulation DS's down and mops up all those fleshy models. (less than 2k points force for reference)

So basically on the board in turn 1 - 2x Scatter walkers, wraithlord and wraithknight, spiritseer council, wraithguard/blades, ravager.

Now to my question Razz
Is a beastmaster pack a good idea for a screen? taking the pack designed with gaining the T4 and the invun save. Then having them out front rushing the enemy lines. This gives me both a good screen for my wraith units to advance to midfield objectives and a unit the enemy will most definitely have to deal with.

Or should I just stick the wraiths in a wave serpent, pump them into midfield cover and wait for my reserves? Or run both?! and have a beastpack supported by wraiths in a wave? - thats actually sounding rather nasty itself.

Originally I was planning on using wraithguard with cannons footslogging with battle focus from a spiritseer. However, I felt tbh that they would just be shot to pieces and would take way too long to walk it up the board. With nothing else much to shoot at on the board I imagine they will draw most of the fire from anything small (that can't do much to a lord or knight).

So I then thought, make them blades with the axe and shield for a 4++, this would then make them a extremely tough footslogging wall that is good against all these cover ignoring units about. However, that is one hell of an expensive wall that in most cases wont earn its points back whatsoever or make it into combat till T3/4, at which point their single attack means they'll probably remain in combat till the end of days.
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Using a Beastmaster Pack as a screen?
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