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 Chaos Space Marines

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PostSubject: Chaos Space Marines   Chaos Space Marines I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 07 2014, 14:49


Some of you might be familiar with my ongoing Kabal project here:

Well I figured it was maybe time to inflict one of my older projects on you.

This is my old Chaos Space Marine army. I don't use it anymore, mainly because I started it as a modelling project rather than something I'd actually properly use in-game.
Setting out, the plans was simple:

  • Minimum one unit per Traitor Legion.
  • All units had to be uniquely scratch-built.

And that was it.

Now, it's pointing out that this was assembled as a 2000pts army. A list was written to fit the above criteria, but this was under an older version of the Codex. I'm still not quite sure if this army is useable on any way under the current version of the Codex, so they've sat in a box for some time. As a result, some of the choices might seem odd in light of current rules.

So to start.

Yeah, I couldn't help but want Abaddon as my army general.

Chaos Space Marines Abaddon_zps65c4fe6a

Obviously heavily converted as the rest of the army will be. The legs started out as standard Terminator legs with some green  stuff, the body a standard Chaos marine chestplate or a chooped up Terminator body. The head is Marine, the hair green stuff, the back spikes from Dark Eldar Raiders.
The left sword arm is from a fantasy Chaos guy - can't remember which.
The right arm, the Talon of Horus, had to be built from scratch using lengths of plastic stripping and rods, even the forearm combi-bolter. Both hands were attached on long pins, the upper and lower arms built up around them with plastic tubing and green stuff. Very thin strands of plastic thread were wrapped around them mid-way to make the joints look a bit flexible.
Shoulder pads are a mix of plastic tubing and the bit on an old Reaver Jetbike just in front of the engine.

To fill out the points, I added a Daemon Prince.

Chaos Space Marines Daemonprince1_zps3d2e783d

Unfortunately this is the guy who steps out of the Traitor Legion rule and is fairly generic as a Daemon.
He's built on an old metal Daemon Prince, but I had to improvise a little with his hands, using Tyranid arms instead. The shoulders and back were given a layer of fur to hide the quite ugly joins where the wings meet the torso.

To start of the Elites, I went with a simple unit of Chosen. At the time, Chosen either had or could be given Infiltrate, so I thought that best suited the Alpha Legion.

Chaos Space Marines Alphachosen1_zps19622039

Main body came from Space Marine Scouts, basic Marine helmets cut down and slim-lined for heads. Most of their bodies were smoothed over, and shoulder pads cut out of plastic straws.
Because the armour is obviously lighter, I settled on the idea of giving them shields, and to add to their stealthy nature I thought of trying to make them concealing in some way. I'm not sure how great it turned out, but the idea here is that they're projecting a field that resembled the ground the guys are standing on. (thus why the shields have the same basing as the bases....)
The original list had these guys running around with Melta-Bombs.
They also had a Rhino.

Chaos Space Marines Alpharhino1_zps7bf60d70

Basic Rhino hull, and the only one I had available (you'll see what I mean later).
Given a few adaptations to modernize it a little, including a new rear lamp, top hatch and front plate with headlights from a Land Raider.

Elites also included one Chaos Sorcerer, who starts the Word Bearers contribution.

Chaos Space Marines Sorcerer1_zps4afc3967

Chaos Biker legs, smoothed down Space Wolf body for the wolf pelt, Chaos Biker arms because the pose just works for me, and some flamer nozzles for the backpack.
The book comes from Devotee Malicant, one of the old Inquisitor models, and the weird fluff is fire effect wool (Flames of War I think), meant to resemble psychic energy.

The Word Bearer contribution moves into the Troops now, with the only basic squad of Chaos Space Marines.

Chaos Space Marines Wordbearers1_zps0f63c162

These guys would in theory accompany the Sorcerer, and are basic marine bodies with a lot of green stuff for the robes. The Bolters have been smoothed down, as have the heads, in an attempt to push them slightly more towards their priestly nature rather than their soldiery side.
This unit is supposed to have a Rhino, but that's one of the things I never quite got around to finishing.

Pushing on into the Troops, some Emperor's Children, the Noise Marines.

Chaos Space Marines Noisemarines1_zps5e9beb95

Marine bodies, backpacks replaced with Fantasy Marauder shields. The squad leader got a Kroot's hair, and all had a few vents or similar looking parts on their armour to resemble speakers.
All also has Sonic Blasters. The main lengths of these come from Tau Pulse Rifles, the barrel of Shuriken Catapults put underneath them for bulk and zip-ties forming the speakers at the front. Some Tyranid parts were then added to link the guns to the Noise Marine's arms.
This unit was also supposed to have a Rhino, but it's another of the things I never quite got around to finishing.

Plague Marines now, the Death Guard.

Chaos Space Marines Plaguemarines1_zps37126664
Basic marine bodies and a lot of Green Stuff. Backpacks are replaced with Imperial Guard Flamer Fuel Tanks, and each got an old Chaos Warrior head. The guns are all THIRD EDITION Boltguns, from Marines formally part of the third edition starter set (the one with the Orks).
Each also got a large blob of flesh, painted to meld into the armour to make it look like their armour was sealing and becoming part of the skin. I think that's easier to see on the squad champion, where his mutation has pushed one arm right out of the armour plates.

Chaos Space Marines Plaguerhino1_zpsd2d42ce0

The Death Guard's Rhino was built to look like an industrial vehicle, a fume pumping utility block on treads. Treads and top plate are from an Airfix tank kit, but bulk and height were added using Lego. Spare treads added to the front of the tank, and a side plate from a Predator gave the rear access hatch.
The pipes at the side are simply straws, the fumes smoke effect wool.

Khorne Berzerkers now, the World Eaters.

Chaos Space Marines Berzerker1_zps74afde13

I started with basic Marines, but made heavy modifications.
To start the legs, I completely cut away the feet and upper legs. New thighs were added with plastic rods and wrapped in wire mesh (as an attempt at not-quite-chainmail). Feet I actually had to mold, cutting away two legs from some Marine ones and creating molds to shape them with. Once I got five decent pairs, they could be pinned and positioned to a decent placing for dynamic poses.
Marine bodies had their abdomens taken away, so the groin could be attached by plastic rod to give these guys more height, again wrapped in wire mesh.
Arms were like legs, the elbows and hands being cut away and extended to match the new height but also to make these World Eaters a bit more gangly, closer to the Bloodletters that serve their chosen God. Each arm then got on shoulder pad on the right, and the left got the belt buckle of a WFB Ogre, thanks to how closely they resemble the World Eater's logo.
The weapons, I simply went for the most brutal look things I could find. Heavy blades from Orks strapped to the arm or just attached to a stick, and something a bit cooler in a scythe for the unit champion to mark him out a bit more.

Chaos Space Marines Berzerkerrhino1_zps8f8482ad

Their Rhino was designed as a simple vehicle, its one purpose to be to run at the enemy and not bother with much else. The main hull is from a Chimera, stripped down and streamlined with a Rhino front plate, a Khorne logo for the front, and an inverted Cavalry base serving as the rear hatch.
The writing on the sides is in WFB Chaos/Northmen. On the left it reads "Now for wrath, ruin, red dawn", and on the right it quite unfortunately says "All your base are belong to us".

Moving into the Fast Attack, there's only one unit and that's some Raptors, the Night Lords.

Chaos Space Marines Nightlordsraptors1_zps7e8ad3c4

Similar to the World Eaters, their legs were completely stripped down to lower and groin. The uppers were rebuilt but given some decent posing, the feet I used plastic strips to make some nice, razor-sharp claws.
Bodies are Marine standard, any insignia removed, and heads are generic skulls with extra spikes added to the back and smoothed in to look natural. Arms are again Marine standard, though of course each was given a razor claw with plastic strips. The same strips were used to create the spikes/plumage on the should pads, smoothed on in layers.
The jump-packs I wanted an older look for, as it is a bit silly for them to have jump-packs that too resemble modern 41st millennium tech when they should be 1000 years out of date. As such, Felt-tip pen lids. Simple. Cut down, and joined with a pinned plastic rod.

Next, some Iron Warriors filling in as my Havocs.

Chaos Space Marines Ironwarriors1_zps8c9a1089

Basic Marines, no backpacks.
The feet cut away and replaced with something more blocky (crafted from loose bits of sprue). Various extra plates were added, as were wires and pipes to given them a more bionic feel. Arms are old style, third edition Chaos Marine arms for that bulkier look, but for weapons I wanted something a little different. They each got an entire gun-arm, cut from the exhaust unit of an Imperial Guard Sentinel (holes drilled out of course).
The unit was never going to have heavy weapons, that's not how my mind works (I'm a Dark Eldar player, I like rushing at the enemy) so the unit was going to have four Meltaguns, which they;d use once rushed at the enemy in their Rhino.

Chaos Space Marines Ironhandsrhino1_zps275afedc

For the Iron Warriors, I wanted a siege engine. A smaller version maybe, but definitely a vehicle designed for bursting it's way through defences and fortifications. Ironically then the front dozer blade comes from a defence fortification - the road spikes GW used to sell.
The bulk of the body is an unused and wrecked Airfix tank kit, cut down into what parts were useful. The same tank provided the parts I needed for the treads, whereas a Land Raider supplied some of the other plates and the top engine component. A Chimera, the one that became the World Eaters Rhino actually, supplied the rear hatch and a few bits of tread.

And finally, the Word Bearers contribute one last time with a Heavy Support unit. A Dreadnought.

Chaos Space Marines Dreadnought1_zpsc0d27c35

I am quite pleased with this guy. The majority of his torso and leg frame is Lego, basic bricks forming the bulk of the body and more complicated bits going together (with some pinning) for the legs. Additional GW parts were added to make it look good, such as Eldar Falcon engines for the shin guards, Chaos Marauder shields for the outer legs, and Khorne Berzerker sword sheathes for the spinny-death-blade-thing.
The right side gun arm is from an old Zoid, and is standing in as a Missile Launcher (because it was possible to take an extra combat arm, but also replace the original with a Missile Launcher...), and the pilot compartment is also Lego - an attachment from a diver figure I believe. The left arm uses a bulked out Land Raider Lascannon for a shoulder, and a Basilisk support for the main arm, ending in two small flying bases ringed in sheathed swords for the combat weapon.
A fair bit of plastic sheeting, piping, strips and Green Stuff also went into this guy.


Obviously, there is some stuff missing. The original plan was one unit per Traitor Legion, and it was planned to add more. The army list as written would have added four Chaos Terminators from the Black Legion to act as Abaddon's escort, and a unit of Thousand Sons would have been built as well. Three further Rhinos were also needed for the Thousand Sons, Emperor's Children and Word Bearers (not all the Rhinos would have fit into one army, but I wanted the options there).
The Thousand Sons I even started work on at the time, but stopped after a little while.
The reason for this was because a new Codex came out.
Now I never really got a good look at the book. so I'm not saying I didn't finish because I didn't like the new Codex, but because I didn't have the new Codex I was never able to work out if the army could be legal anymore, and I didn't really want to spend that much on a Codex I might not use very often.
And so this Chaos Space Marine army went unfinished, and I went back whole-heartedly to my Dark Eldar.
It's possible I may pick them up again in the future and try to finish off the last few units, but for now they sit in the cupboard, next to my remarkable, every model individualized, 1500pts Last Chancers with Inquisitor Allies army (yes, it was legal) who haven;t been used since they were written out in the last Imperial Guard Codex. Maybe you'll see this army as well at some point in the future.


As always with my work, comments, opinions, criticism and all are welcome and appreciated.

- Squidmaster/Steve

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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Space Marines   Chaos Space Marines I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 20 2014, 20:14

Damn, I like those Emperor'ss Children
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Space Marines   Chaos Space Marines I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 20 2014, 21:05

Of course you do ^^

This was one of the first posts I ever saw on this site, before I joined it. Shame there's been no comments since it was posted in February! Apologies if it's considered necro, but this thread was never alive anyway and it deserves to be. So much to say!

I'm not a fan of Abbadon. Just wanted to get that out the way. Neither of his weapons are "chaos golden boy" enough and he looks too clean overall. Saying that, he demonstrates your style of converting beautifully and matches the other units.

Plague rhino, Khorne bezzies and Sorceror are my favourites. And your use of lego always amuses and impresses me equally. Dreadnought (Helbrute now, I guess)

Also, apart from your 3 HQ choices, it still totally works as a list. (Ally up with the DP and some trooper daemons and you're gold.) I dunno if it'd win, but I'd love to play against it!

Dark Angels. The Rock. Lion El "Dwayne" Jonson. I can't be the first person to have thought of this.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Space Marines   Chaos Space Marines I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 04 2015, 19:47


Resurrecting very old projects threads!

I let this whole build sit on standby for a VERY long time (three years if you believe it) but a recent nudge made me dig out the parts I never quite finished, and try to get them finished.

With little else to do at th moment, I'm going to see what I can do finish off the last few units in the army.

So, I can finally FINALLY add the Thousand Sons unit:

Chaos Space Marines Thousandsons1_zpsrldzzkcd

The only infantry unit to finish is the Black Legion Terminators to run around with Abaddon.
Then I need two or three more Rhinos (Thousand Sons - nearly done - and Noise Marines. And Word Bearers, so it IS three).

Shouldn't be too hard to get this thing done.

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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Space Marines   Chaos Space Marines I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 05 2015, 11:06

This is Damm cool, and I'm glad you're getting back to it! I love your concept of representing each of the different legions with a different unit.

Keep it up

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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Space Marines   Chaos Space Marines I_icon_minitime

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Chaos Space Marines
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