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 Dark Eldar and CSM

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PostSubject: Dark Eldar and CSM   Dark Eldar and CSM I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 05 2014, 09:33

So I really like the fluff of the Night Lords legion of Chaos Space Marines and I think their tactics of using fear and atrocity to demoralize their foes before they strike goes really well with our own battle tactics. As a result, I have created a fun list that I feel fairly certain wouldn't do too poorly, but probably wouldn't have me break even... So without further ado I present the Kabal of the Shadows of Depravity + Night Lords:

Primary DE

Archon w/ Venom Blade, Shadow Field, and Blaster (goes w/ one unit of Blasterborn)

2 units of 3 Blasterborn in dual cannon Venoms

5 warriors w/ blaster in Venom
5 warriors w/ blaster in Raider
10 warriors in Raider
2 units of 5 wyches w/ haywire in dual cannon Venoms

2 Ravagers w/ flickerfields
Razorwing w/ flickerfields and splinter cannon

Allied CSM

Sorcerer in power armour w/ mastery level 2 and sigil of corruption (3+4++)

26 cultists w/ champion (all auto pistols and CCWs)

9 Raptors + Champion w/ lightning claw, 2 flamers, and Mark of Khorne

Aegis Defense line + Quad Gun

So here are the basic thoughts... Everyone knows what the respective DE units are good for. My idea is that the Raptors just kinda provide a scary distraction because they are capable of putting out 40 attacks on the charge  Twisted Evil . I know that fluff wise Night Lords don't really consider themselves worshipers of Chaos, and I can get around that by my Archon offering them Adrenalight combat drugs hehe. The Sorcerer sits behind and mans the quad gun with his wound pool of 26 guys-I realize they will die horrendous deaths when playing Tau, but what else is new on that front? Anyway, what are everyone's thoughts?


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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar and CSM   Dark Eldar and CSM I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 06 2014, 11:13

I'd say if you're going to take Chaos allies, and they're going to be Night Lords, one of the fluffiest and handily best things in the codex is the Heldrake. People will just think you're crazy if you're taking Chaos allies without it. If you want to keep the Raptors though, meltaguns are a really good option for them, they're fast enough to actually get somewhere useful with them or can deep strike next to something if they're a smaller unit.

The Dark Eldar side of things looks pretty good, although the Razorwing isn't too great as an option - another Ravager, maybe with disintegrators, would probably do better as an anti infantry option (the Heldrake you would have the option to take would also be much better for taking down enemy flyers. That's just from what I've found though, where it's turned up, killed five people tops then exploded in a shower of debris. My Razorwing makes me a sad panda  Sad 

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar and CSM   Dark Eldar and CSM I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 06 2014, 11:33

I'm also currently putting an army of night lords + dark eldar together, though I think I may go for night lords primary.

Equally I don't want a heldrake, because it just seems zero fun to play.

I quite like the idea of a chaos lord with brand of *something* that can be activated once the lord kills something in assault and means deep strike doesn't scatter - something for raptors or warp talons to take serious advantage of, especially with warp talons blinding thing.

Its discussed in depth on unorthodoxy blog, generally cool night lords tactics on there!

I look forward to hearing how this turns out for you Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar and CSM   Dark Eldar and CSM I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 06 2014, 12:15

I'm actually quite liking your list. It would be certainly fun to play. WIth the fragile units of the DE the number of Raptors should really work well.

On the fluff side I could propose something for the Khornate Raptors. Even though the Archon could offer them drugs, Night Lords are still extremely xenophobic and any alliance is most likely going to be "I'm not going to shoot at you... yet...". Also, Night Lords are known for taking those with different geneseed into their care as if they are their own brothers as long as they share the craving for spreading fear (Aaron Dembski-Bowden's books are a good example for this). Also, Raptors like to have their own little Cults, so could have their own forms of worship without being subjected to the prejudices of their brothers. Just some thoughts, but I hope they help. Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar and CSM   Dark Eldar and CSM I_icon_minitime

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