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 Kabalite warrior color scheme test

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PostSubject: Kabalite warrior color scheme test   Kabalite warrior color scheme test I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 01 2014, 22:54

Hello all,

I wanted to share the warrior I just finished painting for an online competition. It's my first model I have painted in over 4 years (long story). I was inspired by the Space Marine Minotaurs chapter color scheme and I always wanted a "fall" themed army.

Without ever ado here is the first pic I took. Sorry for the low quality. But I hope it provides an idea of what it looks like.

Kabalite warrior color scheme test Rreitn12

My intention is to paint my new army to a high table top quality. Everyone likes to look at pretty models when they play. Smile

Please let me know what you think.


- Rob R.
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Kabalite warrior color scheme test Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kabalite warrior color scheme test   Kabalite warrior color scheme test I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 02 2014, 03:50

First, I recommend not to put the model too close to the light bulb when taking a photo and the light bulb has yellow light. It distorts the colours. Try daylight or a cool white bulb.

As for the scheme (and please note that it is my personal opinion and in no way important), I have to say that I dont like it much, because it looks like a statue, not a warrior.

However on a more constructive note, if you really like golden colour, I would add more contrast to the scheme. Like the undercloth on the back of the legs and on the elbows and arms - I would paint it in a dark colour, to make the gold stand out. Not black, something that would go with your "fall" theme - royal purple or something like that. Make them kingly, regal. Try to have a look at this perhaps (although I would go even more dark into the red/brown - someting like Scab Red):

I know that you already have red elements but I would paint those even another colour to destroy the unity on the front side of the mini.

I found a great and simple way to paint gold in this Tutorial. Properly shading the gold will be very important if you want the mini to stand out:
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Kabalite warrior color scheme test
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