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PostSubject: Anti-Tank   Anti-Tank I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 02 2014, 03:26

I've been going through all the ways that our army can acquire anti-tank weaponry and after doing so, have absolutely no idea as to how much is actually needed.
Firstly, is the best way of getting dark lances or blasters ravagers and blaster born or should I turn to haywire grenade wyches instead (wave-serpent hate)? Ravagers outmatch true born as well as wyches when it comes down to range where as the latter is capable of taking a venom as a dedicated transport (lots of shots).
Secondly, how much points should I actually be spending on these units? The last think I think anyone needs is to be shooting guardsman with dark lance shots. I find over 2/3 of my list is for blowing up vehicles. Here it is in case I'm doing something wrong:

HQ: Archon w/ HuskBlade, ShadowField, Soultrap (goes with Grots)

Elites: 4 Grots w/ LG, Abberation w/ PW
Raider w/ DL

4 BlasterBorn
Venom w/ Dual Cannons

Troops: 10 Kabalite Warriors w/ SC
Raider w/ DL, SR

10 Kabalite Warriors w/ SC
Riader w/ DL, SR

5 Wyches w/ HWGs
Venom w/ Dual Cannons

5 Wyches w/ HWGs
Venom w/ Dual Cannons

5 Wyches w/ HWGs
Venom w/ Dual Cannons

Heavy Support: Ravager w/ 3 DLs, NS

Ravager w/ 3 DLs, NS

Razorwing w/ 2 DLs, FF, 4 Missiles

Usually I play 1500 points against almost anything but mostly against eldar, orks, space marines, tau and necrons. Typically, Eldar plays several wave-serpents, Orks have 2-3 Trucks and 1-2 Battlewaggon, Space marines use basically everything (Land Raider, Razorback, Rhino, Predator) and tau brings some fish (Hammerheads, 4 Piranhas and 1 Devilfish). The wave-serpents really annoy me and are what have brought me to the conclusion that i need haywire grenade wyches. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Anti-Tank   Anti-Tank I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 02 2014, 09:48

Problem with Haywyches is that you are effectively sacrificing your scoring units... I have a good experience with Trueborn. I know, I know, not exactly what you would expect, but 5-man Carbineborn build with HWG is in fact a multi-purpose unit that costs 160 including Venom, that can play multiple roles. I guess that Splinterborn build for 155 is also viable with longer range, perhaps even better for some lists.

I have even tried Blasterborn with HWG. 3-4 Blasters + HWG is a dead vehicle on assault. However this is a dead unit usually. :-)

Or you can always use bloodbrides.

I am trying to say, that I have very bad experience with using more than 2 Haywyches with our troops being as squishy as they are.
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PostSubject: Re: Anti-Tank   Anti-Tank I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 02 2014, 10:31

I work on 1 ranged AT shot (min 18" plus movement) per 100 points at a minimum. I prefer it more like per 80 points.

Lances are horrible in regards to cost vs outcome unless you are shooting at high AV targets where lance is a factor.

I almost universally run triple lance ravagers (3 of them) and at least 2x3 blaster born in any list I write. After that I add raiders, lance born and Kabalites with blasters... With venoms carrying the small units

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PostSubject: Re: Anti-Tank   Anti-Tank I_icon_minitime

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