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 First 1500 Tournament list

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First 1500 Tournament list  Empty
PostSubject: First 1500 Tournament list    First 1500 Tournament list  I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 20 2014, 22:13

Hi guys,

let me know what you all think about it:

Archon: agoniser ,blast pistol + schadowfield, drugs, grenade launcher
+ 4 Incubi  
+ Venom: Nightshields

The Duke
+ 9 Trueborn: 7shardcarbine, 2 splinter cannon
+ Raider: Flickerfield, Nightschields

10 Warriors: splintercannon
+Raider: Flickerfield, Nightschields

10 Wyches: Hekatrix, Agoniser, Haywire grenades
+ Raider

5 Wyches: Hekatrix, Agoniser, Haywire grenades

Ravager: Flickerfield, Nightshields

Ravager: Flickerfield, Nightshields

Total of 1491Pts
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First 1500 Tournament list  Empty
PostSubject: Re: First 1500 Tournament list    First 1500 Tournament list  I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 20 2014, 23:39

not a bad list but I think you've wasted a lot of points on upgrades.
when you add up the shields and fields plus all of the weapons on the wyches it just starts really getting pricey. I don't love the Duke and Trueborn raider.... if I were playing against you the first thing I would do is pop the Archon's venom and the Duke's raider before they got to do anything. the squads are basically useless at that point and the army starts getting pretty useless quite quickly.

I've been playing enough tournaments and leagues lately to get to a point where I won't load a Dark Eldar vehicle with important things and send it away because it's just too squishy.

If you're set on a power unit maybe try allying in some Eldar. a Farseer rolling Invisibility will give you a 2+ save on a vehicle. if the vehicle matters then you're set. throw him on a jetbike and give him the mantle and he's not going anywhere. if he rolls fortune and you turbo your vehicle you'll get a 4+ rerollable etc. those powers give so many options to get you one extra turn to get something into combat.

also gives you access to guide, and prescience. Not to mention a Wave Serpent and a Wraithknight. guide the knight and hes guaranteed to kill things. the serpent provides nice anti air and can also carry a squad of avengers to score. throw in some cheap rangers to infiltrate and score, or a windrider squad.

an aegis can be an alright idea if the ravagers are just going to sit and shoot... at least it gives them a better cover save... probably not worth the points though. Id definitely take another ravager and give it dissies.
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First 1500 Tournament list
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