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 The Kabal of the Burning Misery

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PostSubject: The Kabal of the Burning Misery   The Kabal of the Burning Misery I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 15 2014, 08:24

*Disclaimer* this Kabal entry contains explicit violence/torture.

Work in progress.

"After having left Commorragh long ago in order pursue their own machinations mostly undisturbed, the Kabal of the Burning Misery, led by Archon Marrath Schlagschatten (Schlagschatten roughly translates to slashing shadow), travel the Webway in a Webway Hulk, composed of the torn ships and other remains of their prey, and seek for ever new ways to make other beings suffer.

They have discovered, for example that when a Daemon is sent back to the Warp, its dissappointment, indignation and often sheer rage at being denied further wreaking of chaos is as nurturing as an exquisite death of a mortal victim.

Despite the Kabal's departure of Commorragh, rarely a Kabal can completely ignore the influence and power of the Dark City though.
So during its Real Space Raids the Burning Misery often joins forces with the Scourges of the Aerie of the Eclipse Dawn and the Cult of the Opened Throat, a cult which has elevated the opening of a victims throat to an art, (some of the Wyches pride themselves with prolonging the process of bleeding to death/drowning in blood to over a week) among others.
Most of which reside in Commorragh and join the Kabal via secret Webway Portals that link the Webway Hulk to the Dark City."

That's it for now! (planning to add symbols and maybe other stuff although that could take a while)
Any feedback would be very welcome Smile

Archon of the Kabal of the Burning Misery
Thanks for making the Djinn Blade great for once Smile
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The Kabal of the Burning Misery
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