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 enemy of the month??

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PostSubject: enemy of the month??   enemy of the month?? I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 27 2013, 15:07

Hi guys, I frequent a few race specifix sites for my fantasy armies and they have run an "enemy of the month" thread to help educate players on commonly seen builds, tactics etc that other races play and tactics and builds to help counter them.
It starts with a poll where the users vote for the next enemy to discuss and then remains open for a month before moving on.
Thoughts? Would this be useful to TDC?
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PostSubject: Re: enemy of the month??   enemy of the month?? I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 27 2013, 15:19

I will admit I've thought of doing something like this, re-doing the old 'takes on the galaxy' threads. But...honestly, the state of 40k play right now makes this seem rather silly and difficult to me. I mean, first off, even just ignoring the allies matrix and what changes and options that brings but then you also have the fortifications and the now rather extensive super heavy list as well and those additional formation things from the advent releases.

The idea of balanced play is pretty shockingly skewed right now, and of the local tournies I attend the overall meta is quite different because of how they're choosing to address the question of those rules.

Basically, looking at it all, I sort of decided that most answers are either far too general or that to properly cover the possible threats creates far too vast and unwieldy of a response.

enemy of the month?? K93hWhs
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enemy of the month??
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