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 Talos Loadout rule interpretation?

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Talos Loadout rule interpretation? Empty
PostSubject: Talos Loadout rule interpretation?   Talos Loadout rule interpretation? I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 23 2013, 23:58

Howdy folks!
Silly question of the day, couldn't find an answer by searching;
In the Talos Pain Engine  options section, it says "Replace one of its close combat weapons with one of the following:..."

Should that be read to say "You can have ONE of these 3 nice things on your talos, and it'll cost you an arm."?


"You can take one of the nice things on this list in exchange for each arm you pay."

The question is, are we allowed to buy the additional CCW and then swap it out for another one of the ichor injector, TL-LG, or chain-flails?

Talos, TL-SC, extra CCW, TL-LG, CF - 130pts ???
Talos, TL-SC, extra CCW, TL-LG, - 120pts ??? as the maximum?

Thanks for helping me get my head on straight!

EDIT; Ugh. Found it:
In short, only one of TL-LG, CF, or II are allowed.
Mods, I apologize. My internet-fu is weak. Please feel free to delete.

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Talos Loadout rule interpretation?
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