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 1000 point TAC attempt

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1000 point TAC attempt Empty
PostSubject: 1000 point TAC attempt   1000 point TAC attempt I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 11 2013, 10:18

Had my first game in sixth Ed. last night, took along the following list:

Liquifier Gun, Shattershard, Venom Blade

Grotesques x 4
Liquifier Gun

Wracks x 5
Liquifier Gun

Wyches x 5

Wyches x 5

Grisly Trophies, TGL, DL

Venom x 3
Double Splinter Cannon

3 DL, Night Shields

Talos x 2
TL Liquifier

Managed a 9:5 victory, just wanted to break down the effectiveness and my own mistakes.

In general I felt the list performed well, but it's certainly not hyper efficient. The Haywire wyches came as a bit of a surprise to my opponent, who hadn't played against DE before. One unit annihilated a dreadnought that charged them. However the other Wych Squad never got out of the boat, as by the time they'd made it across the board (hammer and anvil) all the enemy armour had fallen over.

The Ravager, having taken out another dread, and finding itself without any sensible targets doubled back and was a godsend in taking out the majority of a deep-striking termie squad which was in danger of landing a 4 point objective. My only concern is that at 1000 points I may not be facing enough armour to justify the amount of AT I have. On balance I'd probably drop one of the Wyches rather than the ravager... but it's nice to have the redundancy of two squads.

The Heamy with his Grots steamrolled a couple of five man marine squads, consolidating onto a three point objective in ruins at the very opposite end of the table and only taking two wounds in the process. Having seen them perform I am pretty convinced they're worth the points cost. I completely forgot to use the shattershard, so I'll reserve judgement for now..

My Wracks stayed put on an objective in my half, and managed to hold under two turns of the fire of six storm bolters from the termies (plus commander). Lost three of them, but actually quite durable in cover. Mixed thoughts about the liquifier on them in that situation, though it may have prevented them being charged, which can't be bad..

The venoms pump out huge amounts of shots. I mean, I knew how many they had before the game, but having actually used them, the pile of dice you get to roll is just brutal, and I think has more of a psychological effect. They whittled away a number of marines, but didn't finish off any squads. I'd like to claim that was because I was carefully managing my pain tokens, but it wasn't...

Finally, the Talos, I don't feel these got a proper showing. Hammer and anvil is not their strong suit.. The Splinter cannons did well, and I almost made a 9" charge to a squad camping an objective on the last turn, but I'd like to try them again before making a solid decision. They we're certainly durable enough, but if their speed is going to be a handicap two thirds of the time I'm going to have to consider them carefully.. I do love them though.. so I may not be able to let them go.

If anyone has any thoughts on the list, I'm going to try and get into a regular gaming habit now I've got my feet wet, and all pointers are welcome.
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1000 point TAC attempt
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