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 Shardnets, colors?!

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PostSubject: Shardnets, colors?!   Shardnets, colors?! I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 06 2013, 15:41

A quick search in google reveals many images of either non-painted shardnets or the metal ones painted with boltgun metal with wash....

A few images here and there got other colors. I'm wondering, how do you paint your shardnets? pictures are welcome!

I myself am trying to figure out how my shardnets will be painted. Help me fellow painters!
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Shardnets, colors?! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shardnets, colors?!   Shardnets, colors?! I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 06 2013, 17:25

Shardnets, colors?! 101716_sm-Army%2C%20Army%20Profile%2C%20Dark%20Eldar%2C%20De

You actually can't see the shardnet that well, but if you look at the hydra knives (2nd wych from the left) you'll see the same effect on them.

Basically I base black, heavy drybrush mithiril silver and then wash with asurmen blue. It gives it this unearthly blue metal vibe.

I think I also have one done up via black base, brassy brass heavy brush, mithiril silver drybrush and then wash devlan mud on it for the old and corroded ancient weapon look I also go for.

One of the coolest ones I ever saw involved a boltgun base that actually transitioned to dark blue all the way up to skull white so it looked like away from where the wych was gripping it the net was electrified. It's a paint method beyond my skill, but it looked amazing.

Shardnets, colors?! K93hWhs
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Shardnets, colors?!
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