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 Zombie Wrack Conversion

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Rob Anyone

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PostSubject: Zombie Wrack Conversion   Zombie Wrack Conversion I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 30 2013, 10:42

Hi all,
I'm looking at converting a series of zombie imperial guardsmen to be my Wracks for my army. The theme of my vampiric dark eldar army is that my Haemonculus being in exile, is farming the local imperial population on an as yet unnamed world with his blood drinking Kabalites (apparently the best way to drink in all the victim's anguished soul).

My questions is as I'm planning on using the Vampire Counts Zombies and kit bashing them with Imperial Guard (and spare parts of the Talos kit), will the scale work between fantasy and 40k (if anyone has experience of this)?

Also planning to use Crypt horrors as the basis of my Grotesques, any opinions of whether this has worked for others?

Cheers in advance.
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PostSubject: Re: Zombie Wrack Conversion   Zombie Wrack Conversion I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 30 2013, 16:25

I have seen a number of IG zombie builds ranging from paint schemes to kitbashes. The Zombie parts should work out perfectly fine for you scale wise.

I've never seen a Grot/Crypt Horror conversion - doing a bit of Google-fu I did see that a lot of people had done it.

Zombie Wrack Conversion 354968_sm-Dark%20Eldar%20Grotesque

Looks like a kitbash with the Talos kit and looks like the scale is about perfect.

Zombie Wrack Conversion K93hWhs
Zombie Wrack Conversion L1RsnGX
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Zombie Wrack Conversion
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