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 Tips versus Local Nemesis

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Tips versus Local Nemesis Empty
PostSubject: Tips versus Local Nemesis   Tips versus Local Nemesis I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 28 2013, 18:11

In the last 5-6 events, both local and out of town with in a 2 hour travel time, I end up playing the same guy at some point in the event and i have lost every one of our meetings.  I enjoy every game we play greatly because they are usually very close and well played on both sides.  I also hold no grudge against him for my losses, we joke about always having to play each other all the time.  It just so happens that, in the local events, we end up playing for 1st place.

The last couple events have been 1500 and the next one we will most likely meet at will be 1750.  Just looking for small tips that will hopefully put me over the edge and pull some of these games out.

My 1500 from this weekend:
Allied Eldar:
Farseer, bike, shard, spirit stones

3 bikes usually kept in reserve to zoom in and take objectives

Nightspinner with holo fields


4 venoms with extra cannons
-2 have warriors with a blaster
-2 have wyches with HWG

beastpack with 10 khymera and 4 flock

2 ravagers with lances
1 ravager with disintegrators

His 1500 was something along these lines

Farsight/Tau allied

Farsight in a burst suit unit in reserves

2 fusion suits in reserves

1 units of fire warriors

1 sniper broadside

2 missle suits

2 riptides with FnP

buff commander with FnP, able to give a riptide twinlink and ignore cover
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Tips versus Local Nemesis
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