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 1500p DE/CWE vs CWE

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1500p DE/CWE vs CWE Empty
PostSubject: 1500p DE/CWE vs CWE   1500p DE/CWE vs CWE I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 28 2013, 09:07

As the description says. I am playing a game later today vs a list that I can't really figure out what to do against. The saturation and threats are everywhere.
My current list:
Archon; Huskblade, Soultrap, Drugs, Shadow Field and Haywires
Grotestques; 3 normal, 1 Liquifier, Abberation with Vblade in FF + Aethersails Raider
Splinterbornes; 3 Trueborn, 2 Cannons in a dual cannon Venom
2x Kabalite Warriors x10, splinter cannon in stock raider
Wyches x5 with HWG
2x Ravager 2x grisly trophies with lances
Farseer stock
Guardians x10 in Wave serpent with scatter laser and cannon.
His list:
Farseer stock
2xGuardians x10 in Wave serpent with scatter laser, holo fields and cannon.
Rangers x5
2x Jetbikex x3 + Cannon
2x Swooping hawks x6
Vypers x3 Cannons
Falcon, scatter laser, cannon
War walkers x2 2x Brightlance
Vaul's Wrath x3 (not sure which weapon but assume shadow weavers)
We are also playing a custom mission where you get points if you have scoring units within 6'' of the centre of the field at the end of your turn IF your opponent has none as well as kill points. (aka the Meatgrinder)
So yeh, I dont know where to start as there is simply sooo many threats. A nice multicharge from archon and grots feel like a must but slice some vehicles, I also want to deal with the vaul's, preferably with poison.
Any tips?
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1500p DE/CWE vs CWE
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