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 How to beat drop pods at 1500?

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How to beat drop pods at 1500? Empty
PostSubject: How to beat drop pods at 1500?   How to beat drop pods at 1500? I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 27 2013, 10:45

To start, I've had poor luck with my pretty pretty DE vs drop pod lists in the past, and am hoping to change that. Either this week or next I'll be playing against a buddy's Salamander list off the new 'dex, and I expect he'll use 3-4 drop pods with Vulkan.
Wondering, will this work? Or, heck, will this even stand a chance?

HQ -
2x Haemonculus, Power Weapon, LG, one has Casket of Flensing - 70/80pts

Troops -
2x 9 wracks, LG, Raider w/DL - 160   (DL vs Dissies?)
4x 5 wyches, hwg, Venom w/2 SC, NS - 135

Fast -
6 Reaver Jetbikes, 2 blaster, grav-talon - 172   (Grav-talon vs Arena Champion)

Heavy -
3x Ravager, 3 DL   (Vs 2x Ravager, 1x Talos w/TL-LG?)


Reavers in reserve, use 'em to try drop/pin targets of opportunity. Sternguard or Command Squad, most likely. Then get into position to take out any armour he's got backfield, or a thunder fire cannon.
Wracks for point defence, tie up some of his marines after using LGs for a while.
Wyches for feeding MSU 4++ to Vulkan; hope to tie him up all game long!

For deployment, I'm feeling it'd be better to spread 'em out all over the place rather than castle, since I don't want to be locked in a corner and flamered to death.

Am I approaching this the right way?
Cheers for your time!

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How to beat drop pods at 1500?
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