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 Star Wars 40k -no models, just curious about stuff-

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Star Wars 40k -no models, just curious about stuff- Empty
PostSubject: Star Wars 40k -no models, just curious about stuff-   Star Wars 40k -no models, just curious about stuff- I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 24 2013, 05:56

Hey all!

I've been wanting to do -as you see- Star Wars 40k -basically 40k, but star wars- and what I want to do is either the Clone Wars or the Galactic Civil War -or both if more codexes are funner-

I will not make money off this
I will not pay you
I will not make actual codexes, they will all be pdfs, if you want to print it out, go ahead.
I will not make models for this
I will not advertise this except for on forums
If this is a fun game, good, we don't want it costing money, only a spin off of warhammer

Now, I was thinking about complete redoing a warhammer like game -well, almost, aka new rulebook with new rules, skill chart, etc-

and here is what I was thinking for codexes

Clone Wars
Galactic Republic
Trade Federation
Confederacy of Independent Systems (Confederacy, for short)
Gungans -come on, they have a ridiculously huge military-
Wookies -cause, you know, wakka wakka
Royal Naboo? -maybe just put naboo and gungans in same codex-

Now I don't want to put Confederacy and Trade Federation in the same army because I figured Trade Federation would be a horde and Confederacy would be medium sized, like this
Galactic Republic - Heavy Army
Trade Federation - Light Army
Confederacy - Medium Army
Gungans - Light Army
Wookies - Heavy Army
Naboo - Light Army

and for the Galactic Civil War

Galactic Civil War
Galactic Empire
Rebel Alliance

Not much here, so I figured what we could do is just combine the two, and do champaigns based off them.
Of Course
Galactic Empire - Medium
Rebel Alliance - Medium
although, this could be an expension after the other codexes are done.

so all in all there could be -and trust me, the wookies are a very heavy army, because they have a ton of supreme technology in my opinion, they just were overwhelmed by the Empire and cought off guard-
HEAVY ARMIES - Wookies, Republic
MEDIUM ARMIES - Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Confederacy
LIGHT ARMIES - Royal Naboo, Trade Federation, Gungans

all in all that is 7-8 codexes -or 6 if you guys really want the Confederates and Trade Federation in the same one, although they would have the biggest codex-

also, I was thinking about a change in stats -cause you know, the easier to learn the better-
So instead it would be -if wanted, we don't need to change this but would make it more unique-

HP - how many wounds a model has, average models have 1, Lord Vader has -insert number here-
Cq - Close Quarters skill, how good you are in Close Combat
Rs - Ranged skill, how good you are with ranged weapons
S - Strength, How strong the model is
T - Toughness, How tough a model is
A- Attacks, how many attacks it gets, average models have 1
Ag - Agility, how fast the model is, Initiative with a different name pretty much
As - Armour save, how good it is, armour grants saves, but after a certain amount of saves are failed the armour breaks, unless it is natural armour, Like your skin is hard so you get armour. Armour durability is shown in the page where the armours description is found, If you fail your armour save, you lose a durability and 1 life
Na - Natural Armour, use this after your armour breaks.

HP Cq Rs S T A Ag As -+ Na -+
is how the skill thing would look

note these are all just preview ones, they will be simplified and made with different names if we use these

I need a team to do this if anyone is interested, what I need is

STORY WRITER -someone who knows the story of a certain army, all I really know are Gungans, Wookies, and Confederacy-

TESTERS -we need people to test the codexes with whatever, and make sure you record the ENTIRE game, everthing that happened, what you guys agreed was overpowered, to weak, undercosted, over costed, confusing, ect. and make sure you try out EVERY UNIT, and if your two real good players then great, but some stuff is getting changed in this so it isn't exactly like 40k

UNIT MAKERS -no, I refuse to make each codex by myself-

MODEL FINDERS -just tell us where to get models to use, aka, only one company please at most three, the starwars minis will do if nothing else Razz and the naboo can use guardsmen if you can't find anything because that's what the naboo military looks like almost-

PAINTERS -Basically, you'll take a model from each unit of the codex, paint it up, and take pictures with white background and put them in the codex art part, and If you have a ton of guys, then maybe a picture of them fighting and put in the codex, and make sure each model isn't painted the same for example, with the Republic, no 501st everywhere, despite they'll probably be the poster boys for this game Razz and we want cover art work for the pdfs if possible-

APOCALYPSE MAKERS -let's get this straight, AT-AT is apoc, that's that, unless you find one that isn't the size of a Warhound Titan-

RULE MAKERS -we don't want to use all 40k rules, none if possible because we want to try to make this a separate spin-off game for fun, and we can use rules from 40k, just implement them to the rule book, we want 6 new game types If possible to-

WEAPON MAKERS -I'm not making all the weapons either-

And that's all, if you guys think you want to join and want to use Skype I will gladly download it again.

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Posts : 1941
Join date : 2013-02-15
Location : The Warp

Star Wars 40k -no models, just curious about stuff- Empty
PostSubject: Re: Star Wars 40k -no models, just curious about stuff-   Star Wars 40k -no models, just curious about stuff- I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 25 2013, 07:35

I was also thinking that each army would have something they're good at.

only armies getting non-named Jedi are Republic, Galactic Empire, and that's it

only armies getting no jedi are wookies, gungans and naboo -or the Royal Naboo-

Wookies have the Best RS, and natural armour, and Toughness

Republic has the Best Armour, and is on par with Wookies on RS

Empire has the second best Armour

Rebel Alliance has the second best RS

Confederacy has the best Strength

Trade Federation and the Royal Naboo are both normal statlines

Federates rely on some of their vehicles to produce more men

Royal Naboo relys on their Famba Shield Generators a lot to keep their men alive -offer some sort of invuln-

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Star Wars 40k -no models, just curious about stuff-
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