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 500pt, 750pt, 1000pts of escalating Dark Eldar

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500pt, 750pt, 1000pts of escalating Dark Eldar Empty
PostSubject: 500pt, 750pt, 1000pts of escalating Dark Eldar   500pt, 750pt, 1000pts of escalating Dark Eldar I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 20 2013, 20:53

Hey all,

I'm just diving back into 40k after a VERY long absence. I'm building this army box by box, model by model, starting with a basic 500pt list and moving up in 250pt increments to 1000pts (and higher, and higher, and higher). Here're the first few layers, really not sure where to go after 750pts though - should I feel confident with Grotesques in lieu of Ravagers?

Comments & criticism appreciated!


Haemonculus with Liquifier Gun, Venom Blade, and Splinter Pistol (with Wracks)

4x Trueborn with 3x Blasters
-Venom w/additional Splinter Cannon

10x Kabalites with Splinter Cannon
-Raider w/Splinter Racks

4x Wracks
-Venom w/additional Splinter Cannon


6x Reavers w/2x Grav-Talon, 2x Heat Lance, & Arena Champion with Power Weapon

+1 Trueborn w/blaster
-Haemonculus takes Vexator Mask
-upgrade Wrack to Acothyst with Venom Blade


3x Grotesques with Liquifier Gun & Aberration
-Raider with Flickerfield

Haemonculus with Splinter Pistol & Venom Blade (both Haemonculi join Grotesques)

The alternative to Grot Deathstar...Archon (Combat Drugs, Clone Field, Agoniser) with a Court in a Splinter Cannon-Venom, a pair of Ravagers with Night Shields (and points to spare on giving the haemy a nasty arcane item) or Lady Malys with a couple of Incubi in a Splinter Cannon-Venom.
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500pt, 750pt, 1000pts of escalating Dark Eldar
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