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 200 kill teams

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Darkeldar neeb

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PostSubject: 200 kill teams   200 kill teams I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 10 2013, 07:23

Hiya new to the site but was wondering if I could get advice on a few 200 point kill team lists. Kill team is from the battle mission supplement and my local GW is having a few games so I figured I'd use a small task force of my DE just to get a bit more experience with them. The FoC is 0-1 elites 0-2 troops 0-1 fast and every model is an independent unit, plus 3 of them get to have a USR.
List 1
5x trueborn, 3x shardcarbines, 2x dark lances, venom Ns splinter cannon. Ideally with this 1 dark lance will get relentless the other shrouded and the venom will probly get the last USR
List 2
10x warriors, dark lance, blaster, raider night shields. A basic squad that I usually use just without the sarge upgrade. Not sure for USRs for this one though dark lance will again get relentless
List 3
7x scourges, Solarithe with shardcarbine, 2x dark lances, 4x shardcarbine. One dark lance will get shrouded, the other relentless, and maybe fleshbane on the Solarithe.
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Mr Believer
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PostSubject: Re: 200 kill teams   200 kill teams I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 10 2013, 11:25

I wouldn't bother with the Solarite on the Scourges if you use them - it's not a great upgrade most of the time, and becomes worse in kill team. You'd be better off taking another Scourge or something, as any sergeant upgrade on a squad needs to actually be good or have multiple wounds to actually be useful. The Solarite has one extra attack and one higher leadership - extra ballistic skill or weapon skill would be worth taking it for, otherwise don't bother. The dark lances in any of the squads aren't really a good idea either - you won't face anything with a 2+ armour save as it's against the kill team rules, so expensive AP2 weapons you have to use a USR to use aren't that helpful. The fact that you're probably 18" away from the enemy makes blasters more viable if you want to bypass power armour.

The Trueborn squad is very expensive. If you're worried about taking out vehicles, the worst you should face is a Rhino, as anything tougher than that is disallowed (I think). Take someone with a splinter cannon and give them haywire, you'll glance anything to death with that many shots. If you drop the carbines and lances and take one splinter cannon, you should have enough points for another five warriors. You need plenty of bodies for kill team, as if you lose half of them you'll have to start taking break tests. If that Venom gets unlucky and gets blown up turn one or two you'll be taking A LOT. That's just what I've found so far anyway, and I'm assuming these kill team rules are the same as the ones I picked up fro GW in a rules pack. Hope it helps Smile 

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200 kill teams
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