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 Dogmars Craftworld of yet no name

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PostSubject: Dogmars Craftworld of yet no name   Dogmars Craftworld of yet no name I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 04 2013, 22:00

Hello everyone

I finally got around to accomplishing something model-wise with my Eldar army after doing some DE in the past and a whole lot of nothing in between. So far I have based and primed a HUGE load of models. I wanted to make sure to have everything as top notch as possible and so acquiring models, building and basing them took a lot of time. For general information I consider myself more a painter and modeller than a gamer and while I intend to play with that army on the table top I want to put as much artistic skill in that work as somehow possible, though I have to set myself some limits in order to make the project doable in a lifetime Very Happy.

The first idea was developed on TDC and involves my Craftworld scouring the crone worlds for relics of the ancient Eldar, for that is the only way to reclaim the galaxy. No, that is not Biel-Tan 2.0, but I figured that the old Eldar must have been insanely powerful and that combined with the fact I always wanted to do post apocalyptic wasteland bases made the idea work out this way. So what am I going to do?

Bases: Ancient Eldar Ruins on the bases, broken statues, floors and broken walls with rune enscriptions. All is supposed to look worn by the ages and dusty, possibly with rust as there was a part in Path of the Renegade where the protagonists wandered through a part of the webway where everything was made of rust.. I found that intriguing and it brought me an excuse to try out dry pigments Very Happy.

This part has worked out very well so far, as much you will see in the pictures.

Where it gets tricky is the color scheme. I wanted to get away from turquoise (my DE) and blues (my Vampires)... something bright and warm had to happen... I thought of white and finally settled for a bone color, reds were also cool as I always liked the Saim-Hann colors somehow but didn't want to copycat GWs simplistic scheme. I wanted more, new, cool stuff. On TDC the good ESE suggested to go with orange and turquoise as the contrast is very good, so I considered that as well.

What I present you now is some finished bases aaaaaand my first finished test model.
Dogmars Craftworld of yet no name P1030147_zpseec8923c
Dogmars Craftworld of yet no name P1030146_zps1954ec3f
Dogmars Craftworld of yet no name P1030148_zpsf5ec067e
Dogmars Craftworld of yet no name P1030149_zpsf68ec406
Dogmars Craftworld of yet no name P1030151_zps463811a1

What did I learn from that?!

1.I need new brushes, the ones I used for this model did not hold their tip in the slightest... damn.
2. I don't like that color scheme, I can't tell why, but I don't like it. I really really don't. Something is wrong with it. Tell me what it is, please. I need suggestions on how to improve.

For my next testmodel I planned a phoenix theme which will limit my palette to orange, yellow, some hues of red and brown. I might splatter some blue in there but just for the eyes or the odd waystone. Comments on that?

Right now I feel a bit lost, I have the single most awesome base design (no offense to you others but I'm very proud of it) but no reasonable color scheme to make it work...

Cheers guys,

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PostSubject: Re: Dogmars Craftworld of yet no name   Dogmars Craftworld of yet no name I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 05 2013, 09:45

The bases do look excellent, it's true! They put my simplistic efforts to shame...

Your problem with the the colour scheme might be that it doesn't contrast enough with the base. Viewed on it's own, the model looks good, but with the base the eye loses focus slightly due to the similarity in colours between the two. This could also be the issue with the model by itself, as the helmet is white and the armour is bone.

Your ideas for your next model sound good, although you might face similar issues with yellow if you go with a paler shade. Heavier on the red and brown sounds like a better bet to me, as darker colours will provide more of a contrast without looking garish.

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Dogmars Craftworld of yet no name
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