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 Teaching Blood Angels a lesson 3000pts

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PostSubject: Teaching Blood Angels a lesson 3000pts   Teaching Blood Angels a lesson 3000pts I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 20 2013, 01:21

Ok so I have this guy in my local club and he has NEVER lost to a Dark Eldar Army before. He has been playing for around 10+ years and said that he only ever drawed twice, in which he allowed the opposing dark eldar force to use twice the amount of points. He is quite arrogant really, and said that Dark Eldar are a trash army Evil or Very Mad . So I have challenged him to a 3000pts game and I told me that I will beat him fair and square. He told me that he is looking forward to see how I will beat him (he expects a massacre for me anyway).

So I have come up with a list STILL IN DRAFTING STAGE, to beat his blood angels. Since I have never played against a Blood Angel army before (abit arrogant myself to challenge him, I was mad), it would be awesome if you guys (the veterans) could give me some advice. Very Happy
Here is my list:

• Dark Eldar Archon w/ Huskblade, Soul-trap, Combat drugs, Ghostplate Armour, Shadow Field, Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Warlord -180pts
• Duke Sliscus- 150pts
• Baron Sathonyx – 105pts

• Incubi Squad-9 Incubus, 1 Klaivex w/ Demiklaives, Bloodstone, Murderous Assault and Onslaught. Take Raider -355pts
• Incubi Squad- 4 Incubus. Take Venom with upgraded Splinter Cannon-153pts
• Kabalite Trueborn- 5 Kabalite Trueborn w/ 2 Splinter Cannon, 3 Shardcarbine. Take Venom with upgraded Splinter Cannon-160pts
• Kabalite Trueborn- 5 Kabalite Trueborn w/ 2 Splinter Cannon, 3 Shardcarbine. Take Venom with upgraded Splinter Cannon-160pts

• Kabalite Warrior Squad of 9. Take Raider with Splinter Racks-151pts
• Kabalite Warrior Squad of 5. Take Venom with upgraded Splinter Cannon-110pts
• 5 Wyches w/ haywire grenades. Take Venom with upgraded Splinter Cannon-125pts
• 5 Wyches w/ haywire grenades. Take Venom with upgraded Splinter Cannon-125pts
• 5 Wyches w/ haywire grenades. Take Venom with upgraded Splinter Cannon-125pts

Fast Attack
• 8 Reavers w/ 3 Cluster Caltrops, 1 Arena Champion w/ Venom Blade- 273 pts
• 9 Hellions, 1 Helliarch w/ Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Splinter Pistol, Stunclaw-195pts

Heavy Support
• Ravager w/ Flickerfield and Nightshields-125pts
• Ravager w/ Flickerfield and Nightshields-125pts
• Razorwing Jetfighter w/Disintegrator Cannon, Splinter Cannon, Flickerfield-165pts
• Void Raiden Bomber w/ Flickerfield and 2 Implosion Missle-215pts

List Analysis
• Archon will go with the small incubi squad on a venom
• Duke Sliscus will accompany the Kabalite Squad on a Raider
• Baron Sathonyx will accompany Hellions

In this list there are 9 anti-infantry units. The Incubi squads and the void raiden bomber will be used to kill off enemy terminators while the Kabalite Warriors and Trueborn will harass enemy infantry at long range. The reavers will also adopt the same role as the Kabalite except they will harass through turbo boosting. The Hellions along with Baron will assault vulnerable enemy squads such as their heavy devastators squad. The razorwing will soften enemy infantry to allow for a more successful charge for other infantry in the list.

On the other hand there are 6 anti-tank units. All the wyches are armed with haywire grenades and will target enemy tanks such as landraiders. The ravagers will do the same but at range. The void raiden bomber can destroy both infantry with armour save 2+ and also vehicles with its void lances.


1. Quite balanced force (in my opinion)
2. Fast and hard hitting.
3. A lot of nasty long range weaponry

1. Have no idea how to hit enemy flyers (stormraven) effectively other than snap firing. Have to rely on stormraven to hover.
2. Each squad have to fulfil their own roles specifically
3. High risk of failure due to low toughness and delicateness

First off it is very important of me to get first turn, or my units will be vulnerable to enemy fire. If however I don’t I will just have to counter deploy and keep as much of my units safe. My basic tactic is to push EVERYTHING forward. Depending on deployment type, I might move flatout on all my raiders. If the venoms are out of shooting range I will move flatout on them as well (if I travel more than 6 inches the passengers can only snapfire). The ravager will sit back or move forward depending on the range of its dark lances. I chose not to put any flickerfield on most of my vehicles because if I move them, they get their 5+ Jink save. The reavers will move up and turbo boost into a better location. Hellions will just move up. I do not intend to care about any of the objectives until the end of the game. By turn 2, my wyches should be in range to assault enemy tanks since their venoms will have moved flatout last turn. The reavers will start harassing so will all the long range weaponry. The archon will then assault along with the incubi squad. If my flyers get in, they will start softening enemy units. After the wyches die, due to their suicidal mission, the empty venoms will go roaming around and harass. This is the basic tactic.

As this is the first time I will be playing against Blood Angels, my tactic outlined will be very generic/typical. However I have a few questions to ask:

• I am afraid about his deep striking terminators and don’t know how to really counter them.
• My list do not have weaponry to effectively kill enemy flyers. What should I do?
• Should my Hellions deepstrike or just run across the battlefield.

I hope will guys can help me out on how to improve my list, tactic and be competitive and what to expect. Thank you! The aim of this is to basically teach this guy that Dark Eldar is no trash. Also I will be travelling to Shanghai soon so I can stock up some new units if you recommend I should include some extras. Thx
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Teaching Blood Angels a lesson 3000pts
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