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 DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard

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Tyrant Lord 73
Tyrant Lord 73

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DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Empty
PostSubject: DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard   DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 06 2013, 16:50

Got a good game in last weekend with a couple of mates and figured I'd post it up as its been a while since my DE have come out to play…

Mission: Crusade – 5 objectives
Deployment: Vanguard Strike
1st Turn Night Fight: Yes
1st Turn: IG
Warlord Traits: none of any use
Combat Drugs: Grave Lotus (+1 Str)

The Armies


Archon – SF, VB, Blaster

10 Warriors – Splinter Cannon
Raider – Splinter Racks
6 Warriors
5 Warriors
Venom – 2xSC

9 Reavers – Arena Champ w/VB, 3 Heatlances



Mamon, Daemon Prince of Nurgle
Typhus, Herald of Nurgle

33 Plague Zombies
33 Plague Zombies
3 Nurgling Swarms

1 Obliterator - MoN


Lord Commissar – Power Sword, Carapace Armour
CCS – Banner, 2 Body Guards, Astropath, Officer of the Fleet, Carapace

10 Veterans – Bastone, Grenadiers, 2x Flamer, Heavy Flamer
PCS – Standard, 2x Grenade Launcher
Chimera – Mulitlaser, Heavy Flamer
Infantry Squad – Plasma Gun
Chimera – Mulitlaser, Heavy Bolter
Infantry Squad – Plasma Gun
Chimera – 2x  Heavy Bolter
Infantry Squad – Meltagun, Power Sword
Chimera – Mulitlaser, Heavy Bolter
HWS – 3x Lascannon
HWS – 3x Heavy Bolter


Valkyrie – Lascannon, Sponson HBs, Multiple Rocket Pods
Vulture – TL Punisher Cannons

LR Eradicator – Sponson HBs
LR Demolisher – Heavy Flamer, Sponson HBs


Ageis Defense Line

DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Turnip10

The wall in the IG deployment zone is the defense line

We fail to steal the initiative so the guard make their opening moves...

Turn 1 Guard
DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Turnip11

No movement.

Lascannons are ordered 'bring it down' on soul grinder and get 1 glance which is saved, HBs are ordered to do the same to my warrior raider and glance it once which is not saved. The Eradicator kills a few zombies. Demolisher kills a couple of zombies with heavy bolters as its cannon is out of range. Hydra fires at mamon but fails to do any damage, chimeras fire at mamon but also do nothing and the guardsmen inside are out of range

T1 DE/Chaos
DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Turnip12

The horde shuffles forward at full speed (so not very fast). And all DE vehicles skim forward 12. Archon’s Raider and bikes boost up the flank.

The venom causes the Lascannon team to gtg and puts 1 wound on them while the 10 man warrior squad in the raider snap fires and does the same to the HB team. Warriors in the venom snap fire at the HB's to but do nothing. Next the Ravager opens fire on the Eradicator hitting 3 times, which cause 2 pens and 2 failed cover saves later the Russ explodes. First Blood to the DE! The raider takes a shot at the Demolisher but misses. The Oblit runs as he can't see anything due to the darkness and the soulgrinder takes out a lascannon with its harvester gun.

All in all not a bad first turn for the DE/Chaos alliance with 1st blood and 2 pinned HWS in return for only a handful of dead zombies.

Guard T2
DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Turnip13

Both the Vulture and Vendetta arrive with a little help from the astropath and move on. Very little other movement again from the guard aside from the chimera wall turning to face the raider and bikes.

The CCS tries to order the LC team 'Get back in the fight!' But rolls boxcars and no more orders can be given :)Vulture opens up on the Ravager and causes... One glance which I fail to jink. The hydra opens fire on the venom causing it to explode killing two guys inside. One of the chimeras fires at the damaged Ravager and take off its frontal lance leaving it on one hull point. The guys inside fire plasma at mamon but fail to wound him. The next chimera fires at the archons raider and gets a pen and a glance, after jinking the glance the raider explodes and only one warrior is killed but the archon fails his Pinning check on an 11, idiot. The other chimeras and their occupants shoot the Reavers but only manage to kill one. The valk fires at some zombies killing four or five. The Demolisher fires its HBs at the zombies killing a few. The lascannon team snapfire at the soul grinder but miss and the HBolter team snapfire at the three kabalites from the venom who gtg and lose one of their number.

Not a bad turn for the guard as the DE now only have 2 boats left on 1 HP each however the Zombie horde and its masters are pretty much untouched...

DE/Chaos T2
DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Turnip14

No voidraven this turn as I roll a 1 for reserves. The Ravager jumps up onto the hill to get unblocked LOS to the hydra while the raider moves down the guard left flank. My Reavers jump in nice and close to heatlance the side of the PCS chimera with a heavy Flamer hoping for their first pain token. The archon and venom squad chill out in their craters and await their chance to strike (or something like that). The nurglinges move into position to assault the HB team and the horde move inexorably closer.
The Oblit takes a potshot at a chimera with his lascannon but fails to hit. The archon snapshots up at the vulture and hits! He then rolls a three to pen and fails to do anything, damn! The Reavers fire three heatlances into the side of the chimera and, as expected, it explodes killing one guardsman, it's all going to plan. Ravager fires its two remaining lances at the hydra but only manages to knock off a hull point. The raider then takes a potshot at the Demolisher and to my surprise it hits, penetrates, the tank fails its cover save and then explodes! Awesome. The guys inside fire at the Lascannons causing them to once again gtg, but they pass all their 2+ cover saves from the ageis. The two remaining warriors from the venom snapshot at the Lascannons too but miss. The soul grinder fires into the vulture managing one hit which fails to do any damage.

The Reavers go for a 5 inch assault on the PCS... And I get 3 inches, oh dear. Nurglings assault the HWS and after taking two wounds from over watch the combat is a draw with three wounds a side. Mamon attempts a 9 inch charge on a chimera and overwatch does nothing, but he only rolls an 8.

Some good luck and bad luck that turn but we have managed to get rid of both the Russ tanks and have two hordes of zombies sat on the objectives with the nurglings contesting a third. I have a nasty feeling I'm not going to have any Reavers left after that fails charge though.

Guard T3
DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Turnip16

The vulture vector dances round behind the SG and Ravager and the valk flies toward the right hand objective. The CCS moves over to help the HWS out and the remaining chimeras pivot for a better shot at the Reavers and one infantry squad disembarks.

Shooting commences with the lascannon team ordered back into the fight. They fire on the soul grinder and once again fail to damage the mighty daemon engine. The squad that disembarked are ordered 'first rank fire, second rank fire' and along with the chimeras and their occupants waste my Reavers as expected.  The hydra finally brings down the badly damaged Ravager. The vulture fires into the rear of the soul grinder and manages a single glance. The valkyrie fires into a zombie horde killing five zombies

The CCS charge into the nurglings and finish them off, but not before the nurglings kill both remaining heavy bolters.

My DE have been battered but things are now looking bleak for the guardsmen as this turn the horde is upon them and very little has been done to thin their numbers.

Turn 3 DE/Chaos
DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Turnip15

The voidraven decides to show up and points its lances at the rear of the vulture. Mammon runs up to a chimera ready to tear it to pieces and the horde on the right shuffles on and the other zombies, with no one to lead them, cover the objective in bodies. My archon sallies forth from his crater and eyes up the PCS for an easy pain token and the remnants of the venom squad move up the hill to claim the centre objective. The raider moves up toward the building with the CCS behind to bring them some pain.

Shooting commences with the voidraven forcing the vulture to evade and causing locked velocity on it. The Oblit fires a TL plasma gun into it rear as well but misses. The raider fires its lance into a chimera but only takes off a hull point however the kabalites inside waste the half of the CCS that can be seen but they pass moral. The two warriors on the hill fire into the Lascannons causing two wounds but they once again gtg an save both. Mammon fires his poison 2+ Flamer at the chimera and kills four guard, two from each squad. The archon and friends see their opportunity and kill the remains of the PCS for a pain token.

Mammon assaults the empty chimera and shreds it. The zombies and typhus also make a charge on a chimera but as typhus is too far out to strike its more like a free move.

Guard T4
DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Turnip17

The vulture enters hover mode (as we forgot it was velocity locked) and moves behind the voidraven and oblit. The valkyrie flies on toward the objective. The guardsmen decide to abandon their transports and the chimeras move to block mamon off. The CCS move over to the lascannon teams to try and escape the Kabalites.

The hydra opens up and blows the voidraven out of the sky. The vulture snapshots at the Oblit causing five wounds and the Oblit fails a single save. The Valkyrie fires on the zombies killing 9. The chimeras fire desperately at mamon and cause a wound and the guardsmen fire on the zombies killing two and wounding typhus. The guardsmen still in their chimera kill a few more zombies too. The infantry squad at the board edge shoot my archons squad but armour and FNP leave my kabalites unharmed which is more than can be said for the archon who takes the last shot and short his shadow field, sigh. The CCS run to escape the DE and the Lascannons once again fail to damage the soulgrinder.

No assault from the guardsmen this turn.

We've got them on the back foot now with mamon, typhus and a load of zombies sweeping down one flank and my kabalites in position to take out the CCS and warlord Commissar. Also with the vulture in hover mode and having failed to kill the Oblit, it's going to get melta'd and power fisted hopefully.

DE/Chaos T4
DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Turnip18

The Oblit moves up to take out the vulture. The archon and friends move to the objective. The raider move round for a side shot on the hydra and into rapid fire range of the CCS. Typhus and his zombies go for the disembarked infantry squad while mamon moves to flame and if necessary charge the other squad.

The Oblit fires TL Melta at the hovering vulture and misses even with the reroll. Mamon flames the infantry squad and all 8 die to the putrid torrent. The kabalites in the raider waste the CCS and Commissar for two pain tokens and warlord point. Archon fires his blaster at a chimera and misses. My two warriors on the hill both miss the lascannon team. The soulgrinder shoots up at the valkyrie but misses.

Typhus and the zombies charge the infantry squad and the Oblit charges the vulture and wrecks it with a casual swipe of its power fist. Typhus challenges and the sergeant accepts but fails to hurt typhus, unlike his own daemon weapon causes him a wound. Typhus still kills the squishy guardsman though. The guardsmen kill three zombies who  kill two in return resulting in a drawn combat.

Unless the guard can really pull something special I think it's just mopping them up from here, but then you never know right?

T5 Guard
DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Turnip20

Valkyrie, apparently not learning from the vulture’s mistake, goes into hover mode, drops off the Flamer vets and moves behind the soulgrinder. Hydra pivots ominously toward my last raider. Guardsmen disembark and move into the ruins and the chimera pivots to shoot mamon.

Hydra fires and wrecks the raider, the warriors disembark into the ruin. The chimera shoots mamon but no wounds. Melta from the infantry squad fires at mamon too and misses. Valk fires into the two kabalites killing both. Lascannons snap fire into the soulgrinder and miss. The vet squad toast my archon and his retinue.

Typhus rolls up 6 extra attacks and he and the zombies wipe the rest of the guardsmen.

DE/Chaos T5
DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Turnip21

Warriors move up to the edge of the ruin whilst leaving a few behind on the objective. Typhus splits off and goes after the hydra while the zombies move up to the ruin where the last infantry squad is cowering. Mammon moves after  bastone's vet squad and the Oblit lines up a plasma cannon shot on them as they are base to base with each other.

Kabalites wipe the Lascannons for their third pain token. Oblit kills 6 vets with a perfect plasma cannon shot. Soulgrinder fails to hit the valkyrie with it harvester again.

Typhus charges and wrecks the hydra. Soulgrinder causes a glance and a pen on the valkyrie immobilising it. Zombies charge the guardsmen in the ruin losing one to overwatch. Zombie champ kills the sergeant in a challenge. One more zombie dies and two guardsmen die but they hold. Mammon tries to charge the vets but loses a wound to overwatch and fails the 10 inch charge.

We roll to see if the game continues but it does not.

We did play on but it was basically just mopping up the remnants of the guard.

Guard: 2 (warlord, linebreaker)
DE/CSM: 9 (2 objectives, warlord, linebreaker and first blood)

That was a pretty enjoyable game overall. I'm gutted my jetbikes failed that charge but oh well...
I think even the mighty imperial guard had trouble bringing enough firepower to kill all those zombies, although he did nearly kill all my DE.

Hope you enjoyed this one guy, C&C welcome Smile
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DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Empty
PostSubject: Re: DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard   DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 10 2013, 09:11

Awesome game! Talk about utter carnage. The Zombie horde must have been hilarious. Very Happy

Thanks for sharing (added to the sticky).

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PostSubject: Re: DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard   DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 18 2013, 08:10

Wow, really well written report. It looks like a lot of work!

I tried to see if you mentioned it, but unless you're using some kind of house rule, the zombies can't score objectives for you - they can't even deny them because Chaos are desperate allies. You also have to roll a D6 for every DE unit within 6" of a Chaos unit (and vice versa), on a 1 they can't act.

But really well played! The zombie wall looks like a lot of fun and a really good distraction so your DE units could get some work done.
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Tyrant Lord 73
Tyrant Lord 73

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DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard Empty
PostSubject: Re: DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard   DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 18 2013, 10:29

Thanks guys

@ Fuhrmaaj - yeah it takes a while but I think that's just me getting used to battlechronicler. Sorry I probably should have mentioned it was 2 of us using 1000pts each vs 1 guy with 2000pts, rather than just a 1v1, so we usually just ignore the allies chart in that situation as it would end up just getting complicated.
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PostSubject: Re: DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard   DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 07 2013, 09:43

I had to laugh when I read that the Obliterator punched the Vulture out of the sky haha. Just imagine him sprinting and jumping for an epic upper cut

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PostSubject: Re: DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard   DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard I_icon_minitime

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DE/Chaos vs Imperial Guard
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