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 1999 Tournament List

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PostSubject: 1999 Tournament List   1999 Tournament List I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 01 2013, 20:45

Coming up is a tournament I plan to attend, it's 1999 points (so that we can't double the force org. chart) and there will be three games. The first and second game is always objectives (though not always capturing objectives, one game the objective may be to get a certain unit to exit the battlefield via your opponents deployment zone) and the third game is always kill points. I have a list made up, and would like to fine tune it. I beat orks with it the other night, but have otherwise not tested it, though from what I saw it works like I want it to. I can't proxy models, and I have an Archon, a Succubus, Duke Sliscus, 40 Kabalites, 30 Wyches, 5 Incubi, 10 Scourges, 9 Reavers, 3 Raiders, 2 Ravagers/Raiders (don't have the guns on them so could be Raiders) 5 Venoms and 2 Razorwings.

Archon- Huskblade, Shadowfield

3x 10 Kabalites -Raider w/ Splinterracks
2x5 Wyches, Haywires, Venom w/ Extra cannon

2x4 Trueborn- 4 Blasters, Venom w/ Extra cannon
4 Incubi- Venom w/ Extra cannon

Fast Attack:
9 Reavers- 3 Cluster Caltrops

Heavy Support:
2x Ravager- Night shields
Razorwing- Flickerfields

Total: 1997

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Tournament Record:
1st place: 0
2nd place:2
3rd place:0
No place:1
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PostSubject: Re: 1999 Tournament List   1999 Tournament List I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 01 2013, 21:22

It looks solid, although I would drop the splinter wracks for a splinter cannon in each warrior squad. It just gives you more flexibility, range, and is fantastic for overwatch. It also means your warriors aren't tied to their raider an can opt to run along on foot in cover near by.

I'm personally not a fan of the cluster caltrops, but if I did run them I would use the set up your using. My only concern is those reaver are going to kill one thing and then get annihilated in return.

I'm trying to think of a way to squeeze in a PGL, as it would help your incubi. Maybe drop the ravager night shields and switch out the caltrops for 3 heatlance and a champion with venom blade. That should balance out if my maths is right. But those changes are more down to my own personal preferences. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: 1999 Tournament List   1999 Tournament List I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 03 2013, 07:55

I agree with Mush on the PGL, I have run Incubi in every form imaginable (7 with an Archon and two Haemies in a raider is the most wreck-tasting unit in the game but probably a huge waste of points lol) and that PGL is a big must. Unless you play on a table with no terrain in which case the dark kin are screwed anyways. If you don't go for the PGL use your high mobility to make sure you aren't charging through terrain (and don't charge ap3 guns without at least a pain token because no cover saves for you).

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PostSubject: Re: 1999 Tournament List   1999 Tournament List I_icon_minitime

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1999 Tournament List
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